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Uranus – The Urge to Break Free


A brief lesson on Uranus, who has been in the heady, spirited sign of Aries since March 2011.

William Herschel

There is still yet so much to understand about the freakish nature of this planet, so let us not assume that we have our finger on how to exactly divine its influence in the horoscope. The planet’s discovery on March 13, 1781 by William Herschel broke all convention by being the first planet in history to expand the boundaries of the known Solar system. Uranus was also the first to be discovered using the relatively new innovation – the recently widely available commercial telescope which Herschel had personally modified to suit his own purposes. The discovery also coincided with the American, French and Haitian revolutions and became the crescendo to end the age of Enlightenment, a period which since the 1650’s had introduced a wave of thinkers and philosophers whose emphasis was on reason, analysis and individualism rather than traditional lines of authority.

The planet was the only one to be named after a Greek, rather than a traditional Roman god etymology, hence breaking all custom. Ouranos was the Greek God of the heavens. The name was given a Latin twang, and after a brief period of being called “Herschel” (too Jewish?) became known as Uranus.

Astrologically  Uranus represents the element of surprise, shock and sudden breakthrough, and its energy is primarily associated with rebellious or revolutionary activity that deviates or negates convention. If Saturn is about structure, order, routine and predictability, then Uranus is the antithesis of all this. Change, freedom, and a fresh, innovative and intuitive approach rather than the formulaic and structured ways of Saturn. He is quirky, jerky, unpredictable and completely inspired in his expression. He gets easily excited about new ideas – anything progressive and potentially liberating from the old ways. He picks up everything at a glance, without instruction manuals or any prior experience, he has the rhythm and sassiness of a jazz musician and he is generally the livewire attraction of any roadshow attraction or fondue party.

Of course, to a guy like Saturn this can be a bit of a nuisance. Uranus can appear to be a pig-headed, rude, a completely irreverent and disrespectful upstart; his propensity to start a mutiny is most vexing; revolutionary in the extreme; his erratic motion puts any structure on the edge; prone to cause spills, breakages and the odd catastrophe; he spasmodically erupts into the most erratic behaviour, including shockingly upsetting displays and public histrionics, and worst of all, he is a nightmare to contain, even when arrested, he seems to spawn more disruption to authorities by exciting and inciting demonstrations to his release.

In short, Uranus’ influence, although interesting in short spells, can simply be an upsetting force known to the Saturn’s  structured world of order and compliance, and when he’s been around for too long, well, there’s only one correct spelling of DIZZ-A.S.T.E.R.!… Sounds familiar?

Of course it does…

Naturally, if we look to our personal experiences recently we may immediately identify with this very energy. We may experience it as stress or restlessness; a nervous agitation or uneasiness; we may suddenly become impregnated with a fervour for change or reform – whether it arises from within us, or somewhere in the relationships around us – we feel its electrifying effect upon our nervous system and it causes us to move quicker, more contrary to our usual nature, think quicker, in ways that deviate from our usual choice of subjects, in fact lose sleep from increased mental activity – in general be more on tense, nervous and irritable about the circumstances in our lives. Of course, these are times when we may most likely be prone to “accidents”.

Well, we may attribute the cause or blame of all this disruptiveness upon someone or thing in our environment – maybe it’s our partner who is going through unusual ‘issues’; an exciting new friend or lover may have suddenly appeared; it may be the alarming antics of our whacky kids; or perhaps some unexpected news at work;  even the freaky news on the TV or the internet might be the source of our uneasiness. Something has possibly come down like a bolt out of the blue and illuminated our world with a vision that leaves us irrevocably and irrefutably changed for ever.

And we can blame the whole world sometimes… “isn’t it mad” you say?.

If someone’s influence has gradually shaken you out of your regular grind, the boring doldrums… whether by introducing you to a world of exhilarating excitement, whirlwind romance, searing truths and evocative insights, or by simply freaking you out… ask yourself how did this happen. How could this happen to you??

 – On some level you must confess that you actually allowed this.

Don’t act all surprised.

– On some level, you actually invited the unexpected. By simply assuming that your world is a finite place with a predictable set of rules and structures, and assuming you have mastered everything to the point where it is not subject to change, you have invited a surprise, an insight, a newsflash which will shock you to discover that the world is not as structured as you think.

In this age of Uranus/Pluto squares, most shocks are occurring to us when we become inordinately obsessed with our pursuits towards status, prestige, power, sex appeal. We are rudely being awakened by the manias that we have developed with controlling the way the world perceives our social image – we so badly wish to be respected and revered for being at the top of the heap that we somehow exclude and annihilate all competition by climbing higher, working harder, amassing more power, more social clout, being more active, more charitable, more spiritual, or whatever it is that we ambitiously aspire to. This creates an enormously intense energy which attracts unhappy attention from Uranus, who in Aries is neither concerned with status or society.

Uranus in Aries is only interested in himself. He seeks a freedom to do as he pleases, but since his vision is so short-sighted in Aries he doesn’t even know what that is, other than the fact that he is doing it. It’s whatever feels good now. As long as it’s new. As long as it’s breaking new ground, going where nobody has gone before.

Uranus Goes Direct (Dec 21, 2014 22:44 – Jul 25, 2015 10:37)

As Uranus ends its retrograde period and prepares to go direct, several months of esoteric exploration (both individually and collectively, at various levels of consciousness) are soon about to be unleashed into the external world. A powerful electrical surge of energy to now express our independence and personal freedom, particularly from the confining and oppressive forces that have us enslaved us into the prism of social responsibilities, career obligations and a uniformity of structure imposed by our own material ambitiousness (keeping one step abreast with the Joneses). The most radically charged will of course demonstrate this energy through their insurgency or revolutionary actions against any oppressive or materialistically decadent cultures. They may even attack those who symbolise these. Beware of becoming radicalised into extreme behaviour.

It is perhaps advisable now to be aware of the propensity to lash out suddenly, break for freedom from restrictive situations. In certain cases these may manifest around us without any apparent warning or preparation. Often creating situations to which we will only be able to appropriately respond by being completely mindful, calm and come in with an ability to summon all our intelligence and presence. Reacting in rash and irritable ways will only add to the disconcertment and lead to chaos and mayhem, in any case. Lots will happen in the next three months as Uranus heads towards his last square with Pluto. On this occasion both planets will be in direct motion, not yet occurred since the pair first started squaring in June 2012, suggesting that both energies will be projected outwardly and objectified strongly onto our planet.

In the coming months we must understand that freedom can not become restrained. Yet we will witness so many attempts to contain freedom, and both symbolically and literally there will become a war. Lots is becoming threatened right now. Our entire social structure is being increasingly held together by force. These are Plutonian reactions against Uranian energies. In the early 1930’s these squares manifested as the rise of fascism across Europe and organised crime in America. In the mid 1960’s when these Ur/Pl conjunct in Virgo there was a social revolution globally, many people openly started to defy authorities and though there were many instances of defiance, those in power proceeded to deny freedom. These are fast becoming themes of our time, and perhaps the subject of another blog (my treatise on Uranus/Pluto/Moon’s Node will expand further – out next month).

Dealing with Uranus/Pluto issues:

Observe the rising desire to express your freedom and independence. Firstly from your self-inflicted guilt and those responsibilities which you find so oppressive. Are they real? Are they really that powerful over you? Are you dealing with them?

Observe your desire to be free in the relationships that press you to be more mature. Similarly look at how you may pressure others from exhibit their own freedoms. Consider how you may be purposely holding others back because of your own fears of losing control. Are rules really that important, or are you projecting something?

Observe too your society. How it is serving you. It is really your society? When was the last time you interacted within this community which seems to hold you to its customs and structures? Do you belong within it, and if not are you free to move away? What is stopping you – money, powerlessness, your fear of losing your position, your prestige?

The pressure now to make a freedom call is strongest. Uranus and Pluto coast in close 90° partile for the next three months, becoming exactly square for the final time on March 15th. Observe. Be ultra mindful of the tendencies to obstinately push into breaks. If things must change then observe those too. Maintain your power, maintain your freedom. Allow this of others.

Become empowered with freedom.

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