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Your Birth Chart

Enter your birth details to generate your own instant birth chart.

PLEASE NOTE: Chart will not generate if  browser ‘Cookies’ are disabled.

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  1. I’d have some if I understood the symbology.

  2. Yes indeed…I have no idea how to decipher this…how to understand, what are my dominants etc. Nice though 🙂 x

  3. Just popped up my chart

    neptune in spades.


  4. wow..
    just worked it out.. fancy.. y ommm y

  5. Amused by Taurus..
    In element when can relax (then work)..

    ‘Nothing bothers you, no external element disrupts the quiet course of your rest. Should anyone dare to break the charm, you become very upset…”

    I do indeed, that is the process of last year.. did pretty dam well until then..

    Its a paradoxical sentence outside, upset the water..

    My element.. Nature

    My focus, on a place like I had in CR, to balance work and living in nature.


  6. I wish I could read my natal chart

  7. Oh Joy! Homework! I’m in

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