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MARS/SATURN – Boot Camp (with horoscopes)

Mars conjunct Saturn at 08°♑57′ – Monday Apr 02  2018, 15:45 UTC

Danger, Brion Gysin UK (Portrait of William Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon, 1959)
Danger, Brion Gysin UK (Portrait of William Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon, 1959)

And so it is – the two ‘malefics’ align, again. In Capricorn, the ambitious Mars individual’s competitiveness  combines with the strictest disciplinarian force of Saturn, and though the experience is perhaps not the most desirable, its harsh, unfeeling effects are enough to wrangle even the most unruly of masculine energies into shape, or at least an abject state of submission.

It is a time to be cautious and disciplined with our actions. Any underlying urge or craving to be right and triumphant in our actions could potentially only hamper or delay our ability to act appropriately.

Like driving a car with the brakes on, the blockage of masculine energy generally transposes into a repressed anger – a pent-up fury and frustration which can potentially become draining and debilitating, and even violently destructive due to an inability to suitably apply frustrated action.

Physical desires seem difficult to satisfy and efforts to pursue a specific course or dedicated career path are met with unproductive, limiting or entirely fruitless prospects.

Sexual advances are blocked, shamed or ridiculed with guilt.

Health issues too may call for constant sacrifices or forfeits of easy opportunities to get ahead in the game. Fears of being victimised usually drive one into karmic dependencies upon those who would ensure their survival yet, like a ball and chain, make it difficult for them to advance.

This aspect can be unpleasant for women, who are liable to attract rather brutish, coarse and insensitive types, and in relationship to others see them acting in cynical, opinionated, easily offended and frightful to flee ways. Withholding sex becomes a cruel weapon by which to assert dominance over their mate, and often arguments or disagreements are a ruse for an undisclosed, deeply psychological fear or contempt for the masculine.

[pic: sisifo]
However, it is the male who suffers hardest with this aspect. His sensitivity or vulnerability with issues around his maleness, pride, autonomy and sexual self-image, will drive him to try disguise these with overcompensating, violating or cheating actions which drive matters to the point of exhaustion.

There is every possibility that in feeling inadequate about his insurmountable responsibilities he succumbs to daunting outward pressures to perform in ways which are not natural to him. The 3D world’s hounding expectation for a certain result produces a certain ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality. This leaves a detrimental effect on his spontaneity and ability to respond maturely. At worst, it leaves a debilitating effect on the masculine to perform creativity and his ability to be open to what the universe has to offer. Rather than stepping up to show his competency, he psyches himself into fear of loss, and as such signs up for a bitter war against himself.

Hence, the unconscious masculine is easily corralled into activities of organised anger and war. Mobs, gangs, armies, police forces, militia, business executives and their workforce – any scenario where the individual submits his own drive to the fear-based conditions of safety and security of a state is the domain of the Mars-Saturn type. There is a latent cowardice to stand alone, deferring to stand with (or succumb to) the crowd pressure.

More positively, this fusion of powers can help to summon, discipline and direct a pool of technical skill whose disciplined application has the capacity to accomplish high-minded projects and ventures that are based on careful and well planned-out agendas.

This is the beginning of a new, 2-year cycle, one that urges us to assertively form new boundaries, and to concentrate and focus our efforts with patience and persistence when working through known blockages and difficulties, both personally and for the sake of our greater community.

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mars-saturn-antares in late-July 2016 [pic Steve-Simmerman]
Red Mars and golden Saturn have been edging toward each other every day. Their conjunction comes on April 2, 2018 [pic: Steve Simmerman]

This combination heralds a challenging 2-year cycle for the proponents and establishments of business, commerce, government and politics, as well as parenting and paternity, spawning a potentially quarrelsome period for the structured 3D world of expectation, judgment and fear.

How will you handle it? 

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