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Venus in Pisces: Cosmic Scopes (Feb 10 – Mar 06)

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Once in a while something so dreamy comes along that you can hardly believe your senses. And you want it. Oh, how badly you desire to have this right now…

Falling in love is very real, and in these cynical times one may shake their head when people talk about meeting a ‘soul mate’ or ‘twin flame’, thinking to themselves how the poor deluded fools are merely grasping at some supernatural ideal not intended for mortals but a mere inspiration from a mystical dream, a romance novel or poetry book.

Then, you meet someone, and everything changes, and the cynic in you has at once become the converted, the spell-bound, the enchanted one, the ardent zealot in love….

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Yes the sky might just tear open to reveal great heavenly choirs of angels, dancing and singing exultantly, rejoicing your name in overtures about a love that was always promised to you in parables and fairy-tales, and yet its strange elusiveness has almost made you question your faith .

But here we are. The exalted Venus in Pisces. She is here. One part vision-of-beauty, eleven parts a spiritual idealisation. And all yours to enjoy…

…or is she?

It’s funny how it works sometimes, the most delicious elements of love are often those long, erstwhile moments of anticipation before we can actually taste its sweetness. The epic little fantasies of how sweet it will be, how it may soothe and comfort our tormented soul from the ravages and abrasions of harsh reality, and how it promises to instantly deliver us to that perfected state of utmost peace, tranquility and satiated pleasure.

To some that’s all love ever is. An impossible dream.

Sometimes the longing for this love is higher than the love itself, for we all know that in a human world our tendency to descend into the foibles and mechanics of the physical world can often bring us to despair when we discover that things are not quite as we have dreamed. Venus in Pisces works quite elusively to avoid and dissuade us from ever arriving at such a realisation by somehow magically upholding the glamour and the romance. She manages to prevent our mathematically-inclined minds from trying to calculate how to make this one last.

In fact it cannot last. It is too good to be true. If you want to analyse it that way.

The greatest charm in this kind of love (the greatest love of all) is that it may never let you get close enough to question its appeal. It will continue to dazzle and delight you just enough before elusively disappearing, just before your clever mind can kick in to scrutinise its function and the reason for its appeal. Just when you think you might have worked it out, how to hold her and maintain her grace, she either slips away or disappoints you. Most likely both.

Until you start to yearn for her again… perhaps next time in some other, more perfected form.

Venus’ conjunction to Neptune in Pisces has only made her seem even less physically attainable, even less personal in her availability. She will become exalted as the great universal love, the one who is everything to everyone. Yet somehow she becomes even more desirable. Like the great mythical mermaid that one never got to witness with their own eyes but who, in splendid tales, had promised every joy and treasure. And so men sailed searching far and wide to catch a glimpse. This period now awakens humanity’s own search for a divine love through mystical reverie and wistful desire for a connection of a higher dimensional quality.

But what if Venus in Pisces wasn’t at all about the unattainable physical love we seek to experience through a person or thing ?

What if her main purpose was only to leave us with something we will carry in our hearts and minds forever…

How does this wonderful force of attraction play out for you?

Aries/Aries Rising

Love eludes and defies your physical grasp through Venus in Pisces, mostly because you do not necessarily wish to be bound or confined by its amorous draws. You may yearn for it, both physically and emotionally, and in the most unconscious sense be seduced by moments and instances of low self-control and impressionability, and your impetuous nature could probably get you into situations that are messy, nefarious or even scandalous. Of course, you can always choose to disappear or not necessarily be upstanding or honourable with those you get involved with, but if you are looking for something that allows you to slip out of your usual routine, have a holiday romance, or slip in a little loving on the sly, then this is the time.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

You take a more open, more unconditionally accepting approach to social contacts, whose insights and affections introduce you to the realms of the deliciously experimental, or at least enrich you with spiritually progressive ventures by which to entertain yourself. This can mean simply immersing yourself more widely into friendship circles; meeting those who can align you with boundless independence in how you can relate with others; cheer you up with an appreciation of unusual fashions and latest art-forms, or sponsor your own art with a greater admiration for the things you have to offer. So open up to those with whom your heart wishes to mingle and consort with.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

To aspire to the greatest love of all often means becoming impressionable and open to delusions and deceptions about love that would attract you to people and places of whom most of us would be at least a little cautious. However, there is a strong draw now to become involved in a relationship which could alter the course of your life direction, and whether that affects your career or just the way you see life in general, a heightening of your heart’s affections could either lead you or mislead you into places that are not necessarily grounded. Of course this could open doors for a wonderfully dreamy love experience that sweeps you off your feet and into another dimension, but there’s a strong danger here that you could lose yourself entirely into a relationship that leaves you stranded and forlorn. In the process, a new awareness gradually emerges and leads you to see what is underlying your illusions and what you can gain by changing your course, embracing values that truly enhance your journey and add a wonderfully spiritual dimension to your life path.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

If ever you have been blessed with the power to make your wishes come true, then this time shall see that you manifest whatever your heart sets its strong intention upon. The power of attraction is a remarkable thing, and you can use it to bring great revelations about your spiritual nature, explore some amazing truths in the world by drawing towards you the kinds of people, experiences, teachers, mystics, lovers, poets and gurus that can help you lift the veil on all the illusions and deceptions. Perhaps a distant romance, or contact with a foreigner can open your eyes to what else is possible for you in this world.  You can find tremendous bliss in just opening your heart to the great mysteries that lie beyond the shores of you usual domestic environment, or… you can simply become lost in the oceanic tides of confusion that beckon to take you away and leave you shipwrecked somewhere strange and remote. Either way, you learn your lessons.

Leo/Leo Rising

Deliciously enticing, hypnotic and alluring, the is the call of the sirens now harkens your name to go deeper into someone or something supernaturally sweet. It is calling you to join, become an intimate part of something magical and mysteriously wondrous and, in a sense, it is your heart’s desire to engage more intensely into a partnership that promises to bring much enjoyment and pleasure, whether in business or romance. Venus’ power is seductive now, and though you may choose to dive deep into her waters, the propensity to become lost into an intense dynamic can quickly develop into an insatiable addiction or obsessive need to become satisfied and rewarded, that could also threaten your ability to hold your sense of control. If taken too far, this can affect your sense of sovereignty, wear down your ego and either leave you weak or inadequate sexually, since you are also extremely sensitive to painful psycho-sexual undercurrents that still require healing.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Love and romance are in the ethers for you, so opportunity abounds for you to draw in some serious contenders, at least to have a little fun with, if that is what you desire. Whilst the magnetic pull is present in you world, the propensity to confuse and distort signals is also omnipresent, and as you are finding it’s best you keep your standards of fine taste and appreciation in good stead with a healthy, earthy sense of discernment. Mind that you understand where the other person wants to take you, as you are very prone to picking up the stray and wounded types who may initially present as quite ideal for you, for whatever reason, but on closer inspection start to wear you down and confuse you about their true intent, fidelity and honesty. If you or your partner are currently suffering from a broken and painful relationship history, this period may introduce feelings of rejection, which if you do not learn to heal or overcome could result in disillusionment, abandonment and betrayal further down the line. It all begins and ends in making wiser choices about who you are with.

Libra/Libra Rising

Good news. Love means sacrificing your time and efforts to serve, serve serve… Serve yourself to a delightful health and yoga retreat, where you can pamper up and limber down, or if you’re not the health-nut type, go in the opposite direction and completely let yourself go and indulge in your favourite non-diet, since your ruling planet Venus is in a most undiscriminating sign. Anything goes in your normal routine now, allowing you to be morally immoral so you can either spiral down into all sorts skewed or elated versions of what it means to be of use, especially where others (like partners) are concerned. Ultimately, you may find out exactly what looking after yourself and the things you love is really all about, since your body is overly-sensitive during this time. If you do not take adequate care of yourself in the highest sense you may develop allergies and ailments you never thought you had, feel overwhelmed and lethargic by even the slightest demands of daily life – areas of health that you may have neglected. So take care now, and avoid the rush later.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

It’s time to drop it back and chill in an more romantic setting, be playful and loving either with the kids or just being a kid all over again. Passion can be just as easily aroused as compassion, and you may notice that you are being exceptionally kind and accepting, with the heart chakras exploding like a blooming lotus flower with a thousand petals. Your artistic side also flourishes boosting your interests in creative projects and efforts to exhibit some of your finest talents. You may even chose to take up a whole new creative pursuit, discovering an appreciation for things you never thought would interest you, like trips to the theatre or art gallery, or communing with nature or spirituality, and in the highest sense devoting yourself to something or someone that takes your heart to a whole new level. A red flag, just in case you spontaneously decide to get married or conceive a child – you might want to have a look at the ongoing responsibilities such a decision could entail and assess whether you’re seriously up for taking such a commitment.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

A deep-seated yearning for a warm, fuzzy, familiar kinda love – the kind you spare for those you really can depend on, either from way back home or some forgotten sentimentalised version of your upbringing where you could just escape into and lose yourself entirely. Over the next few weeks, the fondest memories of your childhood become invigorated; those sentimental pangs of yore; the swoons & songs of yesterday, the smell of daddy’s pipe, or mama’s cooking, or even that old musty smell that rose out from the basement floor… that’s what this is really all about… try not to gorge yourself too much on those sweet tidbits and delicacies, you might get a sore tummy.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

It is a time for you to develop warm and cordial relations with those in your immediate surrounds, apply the language of kindness and love among your relatives and neighbours in hope to communicate much better. Diplomacy and a sense of forgiveness for past hurts is so important to your happiness and well-being, and if at times you may chose to forget or overlook the real issues, this is not necessarily in vain if al it does is help to get along. The real issues must not be ignored however. By establishing better relations you give yourself a greater opportunity to open up discussion to the things that need to be resolved and closed off, and this is just the time to get together with those who might be able to alleviate any troubling loose ends, especially if there are matters you feel are vague, mysterious or confusing, limiting you from getting to the heart of any uneasiness and pain. Avoid alcohol and substances as a means to escape your problems, as these (whilst tempting and fun) will only undermine your clear thinking and lead you into relationship misunderstandings.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

This may be an auspicious time to handle money matters and investing or spending on things that will bring you a greater sense of beauty and physical gratification. You take an idealistic attitude towards the things that reinforce or add value to your world, and as such, choose to overlook or even neglect the practical responsibilities of having, owning and hanging on to those things. At times it’s probably best to see how your attachment to the things that you love ony erodes or wears down your sense of self-worth and confidence, and if you are making sacrifices just to keep something (or someone) that you feel is really important to your esteem, then this will be the time to assess what the overall cost may be to your spiritual well-being. Learning to love and appreciate unconditionally, without strings attached, will bring you the kind of satisfaction that you ultimately seek.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

The focus now shifts to your self-image, your persona and the way that you portray yourself into this often critical world. Take a look in the mirror and appraise what you see. Are you someone you like? Is the appearance of the person in the mirror faithful to the soul that resides within? Some beautification may need to be applied in the form of a stylish makeover, so shopping for clothes, new hairdo, cosmetic and superficial enhancements may seem like the answer. These will definitely help. However, the glamorised image of yourself that you wish to put across needs to respect the much deeper, more spiritual aspects of your entire being, and whilst you still may present as all things to all people, a certain truth is necessary about who you really are and there is no faking appearances just for the sake of appearances. For you to look attractive, happy and calm, you need to feel this way right to the core of your essence. So focus too on letting go of any insecurities and confusions, be honest with yourself about who you are, and that will reflect back to you in your mirror and the mirroring you do in all your relationships.

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