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NEW MOON at 04°47′ Gemini – Thursday, May 25, 19:45 UTC

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New Moon
whole new start

Re alignment
mind and heart

Moonless evenings like this one have always blessed us with the darkest of night skies. Skies where one can gaze above to see more stars than ever; skies that hold the power and awe to captivate us all with wonder; to put the magnitude of this vast universe back into some perspective with our daily lives; to remind us again that we are merely here upon this earth to play our humble part under the heavens; to do our bit in the grand symphony that is this cosmic dance.

If you believe in rituals, then this is just such a time to take a nice, ceremonial midnight stroll – particularly close to the precise moment of the New Moon:

sit somewhere peaceful,
slowly, deeply breathe yourself back into your centre,
feel your body, mind and spirit come together in complete alignment, then
with the Earth, Moon and Sun beneath your feet
and with the vast, infinite heavens above,
become completely still
allow yourself to formulate an intention
upon the things that have been strongly resonating through and all around you lately. 

The precise moment when the Moon passes directly in front of the Gemini Sun – 19:45 UTC on Thursday May 25th becomes a seminal moment for all of us – not just for those whose charts somehow align to 04°47′.

Whether directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, lunations somehow affects us all. The auspices of any new moon strongly point to which area in our lives is now activated for renewal. Also, whether we are strongly aware of it or not, we are setting our heart & mind’s intention to focus on addressing certain themes that are emerging as important ones in our lives. Usually these are accompanied by external events which gently nudge our attention in the right direction. Our internal guidance system does the work to tune in to what the universe is trying to tell us now.

When the Moon conjuncts the Sun in any particular sign it adds considerable weight to the flavour of the Sun’s monthly endeavours. In Gemini we are engendered with the spirit of versatility, adaptability and a mental restlessness that bounces back and forth the myriad of thoughtsideas that circulate around us.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury is currently in the sign of Taurus,
ruled by Venus, now in Aries,
ruled by Mars who is in Gemini,
which is in turn ruled by Mercury.

Hence, Mercury is the final dispositor for this New Moon, meaning that all these personal (or inner) planets are ultimately under the sway of this zippy little winged messenger. And fittingly so for this lunation. In Taurus, Mercury as final dispositor brings an earthy groundedness into all the cleverness and aliveness in everything we do. Since ☿ holds the chain of command in this string of personal (terrestrial) energies, we are reminded of the importance of keeping our personal intentions logical, clear, light, and wherever possible economically sound.

This means that rather than rattling away like a loosely-screwed turnstile at a clown carnival, it is best we hold some of those ideas – write them down, examine them carefully, pick out the most sensible ones then aim to form an intention that sits best with this earth. Chances are there are very few options that are really worthwhile, and from those, only one that seems most suitable to pursue.

An almost precise semi-square to Venus in Aries on this New Moon raises some serious questions and concerns, at least in our own minds. Are the thoughts and ideas we so vividly wish to share with others going to bring us the true appreciation, respect, even love that we feel they should merit? Or are we aiming to satisfy the most insipid cravings of our voracious ego?

How much of our ego do we attach to these ‘brilliant’ ideas of ours anyway? At what level does our mind operate to expedite ideas that are going to serve our greater selves?

Questions to ponder.

The whole question here, now becoming so intensely personalised by this lunation, is at which level are others actually assimilating to our ideas? Similarly, we might come to question at which level we resonate with the ideas of others.

It’s probably a good time to ponder this on that midnight walk: After all, how much do we want to attach ourselves to ideas that probably weren’t ours to begin with?

Given the deluge of effluvia pouring out of everyone’s personal press agency (social media on smartphone) it is not hard to see how we have become deeply enamoured with the effect our words have on those in our world. Our ability to each instantly flip off ideas like it was our highly-ordained, personal gospel to the masses is now reaching near saturation levels. There is virtually a whole new level of ‘reality’ that exists now in the digital world of the facial twittersphere. It seems that being an entity on social media is not just an option, it is a must if you wish to exist, at least to a large portion of the younger, or more ‘linked-in’ crowd…

But when we observe the level of these exchanges – these tweets and phone messages; these facebook posts, and memes and articles (like this one); news links and dissertations and analyses which flood the digital airwaves by the terabyte per second, and all their supposed influence… We need to ask on which dimension are these bits of data operating, and how are they assisting us to remain centred and informed, and how much they are capable of dragging us from left to right into the muck of blame and shame and separation, of fear and terror and duality; of divisive judgments like “good/evil” right/wrong” etc….

Lots of ideas. But how are they heating up; cooking our brains?

VENUS/PLUTO square, aligning to New Moon

Meanwhile, planet earth is quietly warming. Cooking under the hub of all these circulating ideas. Physically heating up to the point where we are fast running out of…… [bah!]…. Here, either we have to ignore certain “inconvenient truths”, bend certain scientific ‘laws’, fake certain news, do some ‘clever accounting’, create carefully scripted ‘press releases’ in order to protect us from the cold, hard, physical facts about the toxic side-effects caused by all the trade/commerce/sharing generated by our online avatars (for what they’re worth).

What are our ideas worth? Are they whole ideas, or are they only skating on the surface of thin ice?
And who is generating them?
Who here gets the sense that someone is not giving us the whole picture? That someone is controlling all the information?

I know this: that anyone who gives you only portions of the truth in order to keep you interested is NOT your friend. That person is merely a craftsman of toxicity, a merchant of control and enslavement and a catalyst towards your ultimate destruction.

Secrecy and clever manipulation in any affair is not to be judged as either ‘bad’ nor ‘good’. It’s either present or it isn’t. It’s like choosing to play along in a game of musical chairs – you go around and around a slightly fixed number of chairs, always designed to produce a loser, always on edge because you never know when the music stops, you’ll have to scramble and fight with your neighbour just to keep your ass in the game. You may sit for a second, but somehow you know your seat is never secure. When the music starts, you have to start moving again, highly on edge, and ready to compete with those still eligible for an ever-diminishing stake in the game…

…until there’s only one left.

All the while, ‘someone’ is controlling the ‘music’. They have their hand on the switch of information.
And all the while, you choose to play along…

…all the while, your options of freedom are diminishing.
…all the while the screws of control are tightening and tightening.

If something in you seriously wishes to engage in this ‘dance for your life’ contest, then ask yourself whether it is your conscious decision or whether you are under the hypnotic spell of some invisible authority. Are you conscious that ‘your ideas’ are being carefully procured, limited, contrived and drip fed to keep you (and all your kind), circulating a certain level of fear and perpetual division among you and all your neighbours?

Oh, and what happens when a disruptive force like an Assange, or a Snowden (or even a Trump) comes along and hijacks the information stream, leaks out all the data…?

I’ll leave you with that idea, lol.

Have an amazing month (and stay away from tricksters who tout games which encourage quarrels and scraps for a fleeting prize).

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