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Horoscopes for New Moon in Gemini – May 25-June 9

If you believe in rituals, then this is just such a time to take a nice, ceremonial midnight stroll – particularly close to the precise moment of the New Moon:

sit somewhere peaceful,
slowly, deeply breathe yourself back into your centre,
feel your body, mind and spirit come together in complete alignment, then
with the Earth, Moon and Sun beneath your feet
and with the vast, infinite heavens above,
become completely still
allow yourself to formulate an intention
upon the things that have been strongly resonating through and all around you lately. 

Thank you to all the cosmic travellers who choose to dance with me on this New Moon. May your loving support be returned to you tenfold, and my blessings to you and to this month’s intention.

Here is your Cosmic Horoscope and monthly Intention

Aries/Aries Rising

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Leo/Leo Rising

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Libra/Libra Rising

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Pisces/Pisces Rising

……..for the full New Moon article, please click the link below:

NEW MOON at 04°47′ Gemini – Thursday, May 25, 19:45 UTC


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