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The Week Ahead: April 23-30

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Calls to stay clear and body-centered are the crux of this week’s cosmic message. There is much excitable mental energy building, moving around us at an increasingly frenetic pace, and there are days where random messages and shocking news are prone to push us towards crazy and abrupt reactions.

Retrograde Mercury, now storming back into Aries, whose ruler Mars has just entered the most cerebral constellation of Gemini. This brings both planets into mutual reception, assisting one another in heating up the stratosphere with such a nervous buzz that the frantically flying rhetoric around us will not cease to simmer unless it is brought to a still and grounded place.

Meditative work must stay high on our agenda as our best and most reliable earthing rod. In fact, the mental airwaves become considerably scattered and unpredictable when Mercury, now slowing down to station, enters into a sustained conjunction to Uranus (Friday), creating a manic two-week frenzy of unexpected news and communication. Whilst new, innovative and revolutionary news may be good for change in ideas, the high levels of anxiety experienced by many may be very difficult to ground and contain. Picture yourself as being cooped up in an auditorium, surrounded by thousands of angsty teenage malcontents, each high on a dozen shots of double-espresso, anxiously anticipating their favourite skate-metal punk band who is already running two hours late for their show.

To top this, add a little more fire into the mix when Venus, now direct, re-enters Aries (Friday), stoking up our relationship fires after her emotionally painful and devastating crush against the harsh realities of the status quo during her sustained square to Saturn.

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Yes, many relationships have undergone an exceptionally challenging period over the past two weeks as Venus became stationed in the late degrees of Pisces. Any fledgling romances might have been put under enormous pressure, with a lot of painful stuff been brought to light in the proceeds. In some sense we have had to confront our own subconscious, immature or juvenile behaviours. In another, it has brought up opportunities for much healing, and those partnerships that learned to deal with their issues may now get another lease of stay to either love again, this time with more openness and genuineness of heart; perhaps even rekindle or take a deeper, much more mature approach in those which have survived the recent tensions. Those that refuse to learn; who choose to stay in their pain bodies; dance in their ego-dramas will see themselves becoming slowly ostracised in the coming weeks.

As the North Node, which rules over our collective associations finally leaves critical, earthy Virgo and pounces into populist, bombastic Leo things begin to heat up considerably between us. What’s more, they don’t look like simmering down in a hurry. The Leo Node adds to the growing trend towards taking a more self-assured and decisive approach in how we link up as humans. Opposing Aquarius (South Node) Leo snubs away from team or community-minded ventures in preference of standing out on one’s own meritorious efforts and schemes. On a wider, more political level we see a shift towards more authoritarian-style leadership, a trend that is currently sweeping across the entire globe in exceedingly extreme proportions. Those who wish to rule over the collective by absolute decree and centralised government, giving less consultative forum to democratic and progressive processes and leaning more towards attaining stability with singularly-held visions and issuing uncompromising directives to bring things under centralised control.

As the Node enters the last degree of Leo (they progress backward through the constellations), the initial noise and fanfare trumps up as the ‘undertrodden’ people of the world try to make themselves heard. In some way, this includes all of us, yet on another level, we are each seeking our own sovereignty, from a nation-state or cultural scale to even among our most intimate of contacts.

Here is a list of the critical transits the week:

  Monday Apr 24 08:16 am Mercury 27°32′ Trine Saturn 27°32′
Wednesday Apr 26 12:17 pm Moon 06°27′ Conjunction Sun 06°27′
  sqq Thursday Apr 27 06:55 pm Mars 04°23′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 19°23′
  in Friday Apr 28 01:14 pm Venus 00°00′
  Friday Apr 28 01:19 pm Venus 00°00′ Quincunx Node 00°00′
  Friday Apr 28 02:50 pm Mercury 25°17′ Conjunction Uranus 25°17′
  Ch Sunday Apr 30 08:41 pm Saturn 27°19′ Square Chiron 27° 19′

There is a remarkable phenomenon now rising out of this fired-up mental energy after a retrograding Venus has sat in tight conjunction for two full weeks with Chiron. The oft-ignored, unaddressed wounds of the feminine have become so aroused and aggravated lately that much of the rhetoric and hubbub in the airwaves will be generated from Venus – our more cohesive tendency, the side to us which seeks to love, acceptance and peace. This is a side which has arguably long taken a thrashing in patrilineal societies who has exploited, perverted and demeaned the feminine into base frequencies as money, sex, shallow beauty and superficial values.

Meanwhile the masculine has lorded over and had its machiavellian way with the whole divide-and-conquer gig, creating walls and wars, with armies of little soldiers to play with. Unfortunately, this has only marginalised the power of the feminine. The strong, most sacred power of attraction, fusion and heart-based association has become something conditioned to carry a price tag. Any time we see trouble, conflict, anger, rage, war in the world, it is invariably tied to the defensive/offensive elements of the masculine to defend the price of something it holds precious. This has created much dismay and disarray among us and, as we are experiencing in our relationships, much separation, disharmony, divorce and disassociation.

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The process of dissociation is a dignified little mechanism built into the human psyche as a form of escape from (sometimes literally) going insane. It’s what happens when your precious heart’s sensitivities have been affronted by unfair criticism, inequity, vilification, harassment or abuse.

The problem with checking out so thoroughly is that it can leave us feeling dead inside, with little or no ability to feel our emotions in our bodies. Quite practically, it messes with our own personal power of attraction. As we veer into defensive mechanisms where, rather than feeling ok with ourselves, we begin to almost exclusively identify with what we dislike: our gender, colour of our skin, our sexuality, our physical beauty, or our superficial beliefs around what could make us happy and bring us joy and peace.

The process of healing and repair then demands a re-association with the physical – a commitment to dive into the body and feel today what we could not feel yesterday because it was too dangerous. Thus comes the backlash from our divine feminine now, and we will continue to see this attempt to re-love ourselves becoming emphasised in the week(s) ahead. Our feminine (receptive) seeks tender re-integration and securing protection against the abrasive constructs of a largely masculine (assertive) dominated world.

This is not only everpresent in our personal relationships. The impact of harm upon our femininity is akin to an eggshell with a tiny little crack that feels impossible to repair and so,  as we go on living with the hope that it will stick back together, hoping that the crack doesn’t get bigger, we actually come to the point where all our insides come spilling out.

The Taurus New Moon (Wednesday) heralds a point of reconstitution. Ruled by Venus, and totally unaspected by any other planet brings a simple, yet singular intention to reconstitute ourselves, to come back down to earth, into our physical bodies and form a firm stand to stay grounded within our spectre of influence.

NEW MOON at 06°27′ Taurus – April 26, 2017, 12:17 UT

Just like anything that must withstand the ravages of time, whatever lessons emerge out of last week’s unique, sustained, Chirotic ♀ □ ♄ transit, now help us to resolve any current crisis, especially those we base around money, love and material security. By seeking to find the true expression of what we most value we must make an effort to repair, and rebuild any bridges on the road back into connection with our intrinsic self-love. See now how any suffering you have experienced in your relationship to those around you have only come as a result to fears of inadequacy and insipid value judgements set by your exterior world. When we deem ourselves/others as unworthy, we tend to cut ourselves off from the source of love as well as to play into the fears that create any disconnection.

[art: catrin welz-stein]
Those who have been feeling distanced and frustrated during this period may suddenly come to discover the deeper beauty in their world. Appreciating that our problems in relating and their karmic implications come from repeating patterns of low self-love and esteem is a start.

Our recent relationship dramas have surfaced just to highlight where we need to do the work. The grief, frustration and sadness we may have experienced was not just an uncalled-for sadistic stunt by our dear, beloved universe.

Any surfacing pain and heaviness has only taught us to become more body-grounded and fortified within ourselves. We have learned to grow, to totally evolve out of any recurring toxic patterns, formed through a lifetime of carrying behavioural garbage laden upon us by our early 3D (circular) conditioning.

Enough with the futile stone-carrying, stone-throwing & stonewalling dramas.

Re-building vital pathways and bridges back to the core of our hearts – pathways demolished by our disconnections and dissociations; reconstituting ourselves back into our fragmented bodies; owning the things we truly value and admire about ourselves; releasing the dead weight that we finally identify as being no longer ours; holding firm boundaries around our precious sense of self, we now begin to grow into something more spiritually exciting and ever-presently real.

Blessings to you, and may you have an amazing week xx

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