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The preciousness of life for you may lie in creating a more secure future. This month sees you spending considerable attention towards cultivating a more desirable environment for yourself, both socially and domestically. Every contribution you invest in this regard will somehow be worth it for you. All the meticulous, step-by-step decisions and schemes to build a better tomorrow are now at the crucial point where they are ready to be implemented. (read more…..)

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[art: christian schloe]

The influence from Jupiter only guides you to expand any opportunities to improve your living situation, create a more comfortable home environment that serves to support your interests to get along with your family, your local environment and send down more amiable relations with your roots. Valuing the beauty around you and restoring balance to this earth also help you to realise your greater aspirations. Even among your circle of friends you become an inspiration for matters like ‘earth conservation’, fostering an ability to persevere with ideas that perhaps many might have abandoned.

With Pluto in your seventh you may be under considerable pressure to move to safer ground, or at least a need to bolster up security in your existing location. If you are now shifting into a new role in your career, the changes you seek to make there may verge upon the revolutionary, perhaps putting some noses out of joint in their implementation. It is in your fierce conviction that with the steady determination the universe will bless you with a wealth of resources to help you achieve your goals.

With Saturn in your sixth, there may be some frustrations in actual day-to-day execution of what has to be done to make a dream real, and perhaps, since Saturn is in retrograde, it is advised that you carefully and meticulously review your plans there. Often we are faced with temporary unexpected obstacles in our pursuit of happiness. Sometimes there are issues with the ‘authorities’. Check the regulations for what you want to achieve. As they say “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”.

Do not allow any of these logistical frustrations to dampen or spoil your initiative to create a steady and secure environment for you and your concept of the future. You will construct it steadily and surely, brick by brick, even if it means at times you need to build around those immovable objects.

New Moon Intention

I take pride in my ability to command my own destiny without allowing others to manipulate or dissuade me from pursuing my vision for material security.

It is my strong, persistent effort that is admired by others, which then inspires them to assist me in my striving to become a shining example of what the future promises for one and all.

I will only look back upon my life to take the lessons from any past mistakes, choosing to let go of any residual pain, knowing that I must never repeat those mistakes in the future, nor hold a grudge against those who have come to teach me any valuable life lessons.

As much as I honour my parents, I acknowledge that their own rigid programming was mostly geared towards living up to their own standards and expectations, not mine. I will be the one who determines what standards are appropriate for my own, contemporary society and its needs for a brighter tomorrow.

It is my solemn vow that I will never try to follow in anyone else’s footsteps – even those I admire the most. I must persevere calmly, but surely down my own path. In this way I will reach closer to a place of utmost certainty for me

This journey is about walking a steady pace. I must be mindful that my obstinate nature to rebel against others’ interference is not just a blind reaction of my resistance to sacrifice my personal growth for the sake of fulfilling my parents’ expectations.

I will look to find the most worthy cause that I can champion, one that improves the social conditions of my family or community. I will stand by its principles to reinforce the rights and social justices of the underprivileged and oppressed for the sake of the higher good.

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