Virgo/Virgo Rising

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The most extraordinary events in your life are mostly centred around the inter-relationship dealings you’re having with others – people with whom you may have had really intimate dealings (partnership stuff) or those who are still (now) trying to force themselves into your world, wishing to mess with you somehow: your mind; your psychological well-being……(sign in to read your full, 600 word ‘scope….)

This New Moon’s conjunction to Rx Venus instigates a move for you to create future fulfillment in the now,  can you may feel a great deal of internal intensity which you do not release easily. You start to feel the emotion of love as something that is coupled with some recent anger and resentment. As such, you can easily direct your inner vexation at some individual or experience who triggers painful memories (past hurts, possibly forgotten).

Since your sexual urge, or the desire to merge deeply with another (even in business or financial matters) is activated by this New Moon, you may feel an overwhelming drive to possess that which is not yours, even secret feelings of jealousy towards those who seem to have more than you. A great deal of impatience builds up here, which can bring considerable conflict over matters that you inwardly feel you deserve, feel deprived of, and are prepared to go into a kind of psychological war because you feel cheated out of something that you believe is rightfully yours.

Any quarrels you find yourself in now are signs that you are choosing the hard way. In a way you are envious that others can have the things you want without putting in the effort you would normally apply.

New ways of negotiating ‘the deal’ – ones that don’t compromise you from being in the driver’s seat are needed if you want to stay out of the resentment zone. Try to be more clear and direct about the greater intent of what you desire.

How does your interaction with others hope to achieve success in the bigger scheme of things? This will somehow come to light for you on this New Moon.  It might be difficult to put past hurts of your trust being abused aside, but this is what you must learn if you wish to form a fully trusting bond with others. The freedom to be your own, magnificent self without necessarily needing anyone’s approval, help or excuses to put yourself second is as simple as letting go of your ongoing ‘trust’ issues.

New Moon Intention

I am willing to accept that the success or failure of my intimate relationships is directly proportionate to the trust that I can show others.

I will acknowledge that my own personal growth, as well as the freedom to express myself creatively, derives all satisfaction from how I can best be of benefit to others. In this, I must fight the  compulsive urge to act in belligerently childish ways to draw attention to myself. Similarly, I must learn to manage my anger and resentment for past ‘wrongs’ in my pursuits to achieve a deeper, more meaningful connection in life.

I will resist insulating myself entirely in order to avoid continued impositions upon my resources or time. I must accept that I am good at certain things and need to value these enough to place a cost on them, then market them freely to those who can afford them.

I will grow through helping others solve their problems in the areas in which I claim some expertise. In any encounter, I must make the terms and conditions of my services specifically clear, as well as what rewards I wish to claim for my hard work.

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