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ARIES NEW MOON Messages & Intentions – March 28-April 11

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This dynamic and fiery New Moon is unquestionably a time when the irrepressible force to shift into entirely new and totally unfamiliar territory becomes our only option in some area of our lives. With Aries, we don’t need much imagination, there’s no planning, no apprehensiveness or fear about safety or consequences, no promise of love and glory, no brains even… just an intuitive urge – a will and need to be something, go somewhere new.

The conjunction to retrograde Venus thrusts us into a 7-day period of deep psychological introspection, forcing us to confront our true feelings and inner motives on why it is we seek material comforts; joys and pleasures of life; the lovers and the admirers in our lives. Are these nourishing our soul with the love and appreciation it so desires? If not, here is an opportunity delve deeper into our shadow selves in order to evaluate whether we are expressing gratitude and respect, and similarly receiving it from those we choose to be in our lives.

The following messages are provided to assist you with getting a more centered perspective through this time, as well as providing clues to where to set your intention on this very powerful lunation.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon x

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