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Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 22°28′ LEO, Saturday Feb 11, 00:34 UTC

It’s exciting times because… (yes, you know it)… it’s eclipse season yet again! Eclipses are not little things. Even though they occur every six months, their effect comes on weeks, even months earlier, and if you are most affected, the way that they change your life can last for ages. It’s pretty good value for an event that in actual duration, lasts only minutes. Sometimes, when we most need it, their awakening impact on our lives can be so profound that it knocks us squarely on our asses.

This first eclipse this year (Feb 11) is the lunar at 22°♌28′. It is only a penumbral (Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow) and could appear to many much like any normal Full Moon. Yet, its effects are much more intense and its influence extends well beyond the usual 2-4 week influence of a standard Full Moon. Eclipses are significant events, and where they make significant contacts, resonate loudly with effects that will become remembered as significant markers in our personal development.

Full Moons & Lunar Eclipses

Full Moons themselves are a time of heightened awareness; of realisation; blessing us with a wide-eyed, face-slapping awakening to their respective issues. It can be a time when our emotions/instincts becomes so activated with personal, self-effacing acquiescence that we find ourselves (metaphorically 0r literally) howling madly, in lupine fashion, at the Moon herself.

As the Moon approaches her exact opposition to the Aquarius Sun, she prepares to reflect the full blast of solar light upon us here on earth. When in eclipse, this intense heavenly moment is briefly obscured by the egotism of planet earth. As our fair, but often densely self-absorbed planet stands between these two luminaries, our instinctive reactions (Moon) are cast against our conscious responses (Sun) which momentarily feel blocked, or obscured by our cultural attachment to our egotistical ways (Earth).

This is how all stellar transits work anyway, however, with the lunar eclipse they impact us in such personally obtuse manifestations that they cannot help but become a major issue for us.

Fixed Opposition (in extraverted signs)

Being in fixed signs (Leo/Aquarius), this lunar eclipse poses even more of a conundrum. Fixed signs generally refuse to budge. They like to hold their position. Those of us on planet earth who align strongly with our fixed egotistical standpoint may be experiencing this intensely conflicting moment as quite confronting, to say the least. If you have any personal planet in a fixed sign, then this lunar eclipse serves to challenge the very foundations of your fixed sense of emotional security.

This Lunar eclipse in Leo upholds key themes in our lives where we seek to feel special; to be heard and be distinctly recognised. Even the meekest among us has that special way in which their heart wishes to shine, where they can proudly demonstrate some exceptional talent or flair for something which not many may possess. We generally wish to be respected and acknowledged for our ‘specialness’ and usually take slight when we are ignored or criticised in this.

In its most unconscious, most rudimentary expression, being recognised or heard may simply amount to where we childishly stand to be loud or overbearing, boorish and domineering. Do you notice how sometimes, when you get offended or need to flex a bit of gumption & pride, how you begin to holler and growl to stake your claim? This quality is becoming ever more transparent as a hollow attempt to to fulfill some inner inadequacy.

In its highest, most refined and self-aware expression, it is where we hold ourselves in the purest of integrity and artfully exude an expression of sheer magnificence, a graceful authority and undisputable dignity about ourselves.

In what arena do you exude an utmost authority and seniority?

In any sense, it is our need to become noticed and heard as a unique individual, and in our desire to express ourselves with pride we may refuse to compromise our integrity for anyone.

[pic: tim walker]

Meanwhile, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Aquarius – where fair and square (without fanfare) is how we live and how we share.

Since being strongly individualistic and proud are themes of increasingly grating abrasiveness in a time where gentleness and sensitivity towards one another are increasingly becoming valued, this Lunar Eclipse may accentuate and highlight any obscene chest-beating or egotistical displays. Any overtly domineering behaviour from individuals is immediately challenged for its overall respect to the group dynamic.

Autocracy Vs Democracy

It seems that humanity may be reaching its boiling point where any sign of disrespect for the precious rights and commodities such as individual and civil freedoms and liberties. Such ill-considerations are gradually seen as pitifully selfish and are deemed no longer tolerable. Any lack of compassion or humility for the rights of others, due to elitism or placing oneself above all others is transparently sensed as coming from a lack of emotional maturity, a key trigger that is generally associated with the ego complexes of an undernourished inner child.

Read more about the Leo/Aquarius polarity and its geo-political implications here: 

Leo-Aquarius Opposition – Autocracy vs Democracy

Whilst we might seek to understand this deeper, this lunar eclipse raises awareness in how best to deal with this, given our current level of spiritual development. We must decide whether we should continue to support this out of some misplaced belief that boorish or overbearing behaviour by any individual or class group is just part of our culture, or protest until there is some relf-effacement. In essence, this most powerful lunation raises the most pressing issue: that any perceived inequity is patently unacceptable in this age.

What we do come to celebrate however is a mature expression of our deep, inner sense of authority; a self-certainty about our abilities to (appropriately) share our uniqueness with others, without any demand for admiration, tributes or royalties. These may come. Our insecurities need not be the motivating factor for creating a song and dance for ourselves. We must find context for our specialness by finding how we can contribute to the greater good of all with our unique gifts.

That’s the theory behind any Leo Lunar eclipse, anyway. How this particular eclipse stacks up in line with the string of transits that affect it is a much different story:


On this auspicious occasion, it is important to note the key transits to this eclipse. These, and the key midpoints (below) give this powerful lunation the special flavour that most defines its effect upon us all now. Note the ‘mystic rectangle’ pattern formed by the ☽/ ♃/☉/♅/Eris, an otherwise ‘easy’ sixth-harmonic envelope whose inherent tensions find release through ♄ via sextiles and trines. The struggle that occurs, both on a personal and socio-political level, is being held and supported by the status quo. It is as if everyone knows that we must be sensible and philosophical about all this change. Ii is an understanding that there is much groundwork to be done, and through all the personality-conflicts, disruptions, the public strife & discontent, the individual bombast and its associated crowd protests, that what needs to prevail now is some form of discipline to keep egos from just boiling over. 

Here are the aspects to this Eclipsed Moon in detail:

Sesquisquares from Venus/Mars

ISSUE: Excessive criticism prevails, only making the Leonine Moon’s authoritative demands impossible to execute comfortably. Any frustrated ambition to have one’s way, may exasperate those in authority to press even harder. If lack of appreciation persists, an adolescent type of resentment builds, often rolling into tempers and tantrums that are difficult to manage once underway. When a person feels continually criticised, it gets boring and they soon switch off listening, even to valid commentary. As expected with Leo, much pride will come before the fall.

OBJECTIVE: the getting of humility.

Sextile to Jupiter

Much pump comes through from this stationary Jupiter – there is a sense of positive reinforcement from all the most assuring benefactors and advisors, who know just how to mediate and advise on how best to express our uniqueness.

Trines from Uranus & Saturn

Here is the major phenomenon of our times acting through this lunation – the underlying lynchpin that helps to transition us all out of our infatuation with structure and conditioning (3D) into the state present-state awareness and the ability to cope with new, often unsettling ways of doing things (4D). All fears must make way for the excitement of change, and though this builds into an energetic of tension and strain in our society, somebody has to be brave enough to take on, first themselves, then society and move the ‘project’ forward. This combination signifies the need to take your own unique abilities and gifts seriously. Learn the a difference between ‘demand’ and ‘command’.  Dare now to overcome your fears and break out of old programming and restrictions. By becoming more connected into your heart centre, flashes of insight into what is ‘wrong’ will become more frequent and, potentially, you may receive inspirations as to how to fix it.

Quincunx to Chiron

Almost oblivious to the holistic damage caused when not resonating from a true heart place, Leo will learn from the Piscean Chiron. Having one’s own way often comes with some humiliating blows, and these are applied quite surreptitiously. Since Pisces’ effect upon Leo is so subversive that it comes off as underhanded of creepy, the strange paradox here is that neither can win unless they are prepared to do the spiritual work that must also come with blowing the trumpets of feeling excellent.

Trine to Eris

Strife and discord are genuinely approved (word from the outer regions of the universe). It is as if she says, “Just do what you gotta do – make humanity wake up. Spare no expense, nothing too precious, nothing too dear. No time left… teach them some humility and grace, now”.

MIDPOINTS: (sensitive energies to look out for if this point is triggered in your chart)

♅/Ch – Healing through an awareness of each and every blustering emotion that arises. 

♀/♂ – Passions/angers are easily aroused, likely to turn wild if one is not feeling respected.

♄ / ♇ – Extreme control measures taken in response to any emotional offense.

♃/Ch – Openness and generosity can have a deeply healing effect on those who feel insulted.

☿/♆ – Open receptivity to receiving information from alternative realms.

♄ /♅ – High sensitivity should others have negative reactions to one’s individuality and uniqueness. There is a desire to let go of emotional baggage, but also, much reluctance too.


On a personal level, this Leo Lunar eclipse, highlights just how much our inner need to feel noticed and heard as a unique individuals makes its way into our conscious attempts to play with others. We do not want to be caged in any more. Nor do we want to be left out. We each seek to feel loved, and to shine in our own right, as we find our place under the Sun. However, the instinctive urge to express ourselves with pride and self-integrity can sometimes clash against those who do are not yet ready to understand that we are all just looking to stake our claim to a fair slice of the pie.

The growing trend, socio-politically, since June 2016 (Mutable Grand Cross), is towards anti-intellectualism. Perhaps we do not see this in amongst all our heated media debating and petty squabbles about who is running the world. In one sense it is slowly unravelling the fabric of our political and cultural life, apparently making way for a more fear-based bare-knuckle thuggery among the underclass of the ‘might makes right’ factions. In the 3D sense, this is a sign of the desperate times the world is set to experience during this final dissolution of the old established world order.

It matters not who is running the world any more. This period is not a mere changing of the guard, or an election of a new leader. This is the beginning of the end of leadership, as imposed from an exterior source. True leadership must only come from within, shine as an inspiring example to others, or otherwise be seen as a cry for healing and love. As the new warriors of light emerge, they come to unite as one, slowly becoming bridged together, networked only by a new, higher understanding of how to work with the pure light.

Do not attempt to make sense of what is going on out there. Nor waste your energy trying to argue or defend it. The world of fear and separation is not where your fight lies. It is clear that the universe is spawning a whole new warrior. One who is courageous enough to not play into the false notion that ‘democracy’ means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your wisdom’.

Eventually the light will prevail, and humans will see that compassion for all creatures and their blessed plight to take their fair and equal part in the process of co-creation is the only way forward. We can each play our part now by not engaging in battles where someone makes demands to distort or corrupt our true integrity.

Have a blessed Lunar Eclipse xx

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