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Horoscopes for Leo Lunar Eclipse

Hey tribers,

Yes, Lunar Eclipse time – deliciously intense, fabulously dramatic and not to be eclipsed by any lesser transit (except the Solar Eclipse in a fortnight, of course).

The effect of these readings will have been felt as the main theme for weeks, and stand to influence your inner world for months to come, especially as an accompaniment to the Solar eclipse on two weeks.

As usual, the crisis holds the key to its own remedy, sign into your profile and feast on these special readings, courtesy of the universe, and yours truly, of course.

Blessings, and play daringly safe xx.

Please click the link to read your SPECIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE MESSAGES 
Aries~Aries Rising This Lunar Eclipse will unveil just how much you are instinctively seeking inner approbation from your love affairs, activities of pure entertainment, or from hobbies you may enjoy. But is the emotional pleasure… Taurus~Taurus Rising  During this time you desperately try to create the type of home atmosphere and family life that you feel provides you with the most emotional security. Yet, nothing seems more important in your precious heart right now than… Gemini~Gemini Rising  The drama is certainly real. But only because your mind is wanting to believe it. You may observe now that the voice of your intuition is getting louder and louder, and you become aware of how much….
Cancer~Cancer Rising  This Lunar Eclipse places much tension on how well you preserve your emotional well-being as you try to stabilise your financial interests with others. The inner pressure to perform, just to prove your worth to society can…. Leo~Leo Rising  During this Lunar Eclipse, you may sense an unusually growing emotional craving for attention, which may unconsciously motivate all kinds of changes in your personal sphere…. Virgo~Virgo Rising  Lunar Eclipses have a way of revealing just how much our ego interferes with our connectedness to our Higher self. In some ways you are now more receptive to psychic or….
Libra~Libra Rising  An emotional jolt to your system could be all that’s needed to pitch you into a full confrontation with how confident you are in expressing yourself in the social arena. You may find that some connection in your… Scorpio~Scorpio Rising  Your career endeavours need to be emotionally satisfying, and you may instinctively turn to avenues and associated relationships that nourish an inner need to feel important in a more public sense. However, you.. Sagittarius~Sagittarius Rising  Lunar eclipses have a knack for unravelling our inconsistencies and inappropriate actions. In your case, for instance, you may realise how you put yourself in awkward situations, where you tend to overextended yourself…
Capricorn~Capricorn Rising  During the effect of this Lunar Eclipse, it’s very likely that you’re sending out mixed signals about who you are and what it is exactly that you need. This could create some confusion among those around you… Aquarius~Aquarius Rising This Lunar Eclipse energises you in either one of two distinct ways as your emotional drives motivate you to form and sustain emotionally fulfilling significant relationships… Pisces~Pisces Rising  This Lunar Eclipse may reveal much for you. Either you become more secure that you have all the talent necessary to do whatever you want to do, or you you discover that you are pulling things off on bluff and…
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  1. Courtesy!
    As much as yor interesting in yr words, influenced by some writters I admire and entertaining.. There has also been some huge gaps in what was said and what be. Dancing a lot of kind ‘landless’ soals into a false hope of tribe, or a shift to matriarcy! I agree it is each individual ‘choice’ to wake!? and there was this strong idea 2 years ago that the sky was indeed going to facilitate this, the oposite is happening, if yr not behind a computor and in a safe haven.

    A few ‘paradigm shift’ internet inspirer’s have done pretty well out of this..

    Ommmmmmmmmmmm ph

  2. More than skill needed right now.. In many ways a skill and sense will not get work! it intimidates ‘less skillfull’ land owners, being and arse kisser is high up the list too… R.A.W.. roarrrrrrrr

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