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MARS/CHIRON: Horoscope Messages for Healing the Wounded Masculine

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This next MARS/CHIRON cycle begins at 21° 39′ on January 19, 2015 and ends on December 29, 2018. It brings to the fore a topic that is very minimally addressed, discussed, or even acknowledged at all, yet is an absolutely vital one in our evolutionary progress. It is around the healing of our divine masculine archetype and through this journey to tackle a theme often neglected and shunned into the shadows, sliding consistently further behind the rest of humanity’s evolutionary progress. We are referring to the healing of our divine masculine archetype.

The stories that play out in our lives around how we express our more assertive sides and what that looks like. We see ourselves actively reaching out to understand the more assertive elements of our behaviour, what motivates us to defend our separate identity and to maintain our complete autonomy as individuals. We begin a whole new (two-year) cycle of understanding the masculine archetype. We are gradually moving away from the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, womanising, jock-type male – taking some time to remember the world that men live in and sending love and healing intentions to support the reestablishment of a truly divine masculinity.

Without a strong masculine archetype, we cannot actively pursue our “getting what we want”. Yet, we cannot do so at the expense of others. We need to employ a strong, yet loving divine masculine in order to effectively introduce healthy and positive ways that will actively contribute to the benefit of all and are not at the expense of any.

How does it affect your sign?

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