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MARS/CHIRON: Horoscope Messages for Healing the Wounded Masculine

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This next MARS/CHIRON cycle begins at 21° 39′ on January 17, 2017 and ends on December 29, 2018. It brings to the fore a topic that is very minimally addressed, discussed, or even acknowledged at all, yet is an absolutely vital one in our evolutionary progress. It is around the healing of our divine masculine archetype and through this journey to tackle a theme often neglected and shunned into the shadows, sliding consistently further behind the rest of humanity’s evolutionary progress. We are referring to the healing of our divine masculine archetype.

Just to define this: the “divine” masculine specifically refers to the MARS energy resonating at its highest vibration – the AGGRESSIVE part of the fully actualized Christ-consciousness that is now engulfing our planet. Just as one part of the divine feminine – the sacred VENUS archetype represents the ‘alluring’ principle (power of attraction) of our personal receptivity (inwards), the masculine refers to any archetype that is exerting energy (outwards). This is the same polar duality as indicated by positive/negative ends of the electromagnetic force, generated by all individual entities, or in the familiar yin-yang symbol, where the yin/negative represents the feminine or receptive energies and yang/positive represents the masculine or active energies. We each express a varied combination of the two, some clearly identified as either one or the other. Each of us has the potential, through the enlightenment of full, Christed-consciousness to express a perfect balance of these two polarities.

The stories that play out in our lives around how we express our more assertive sides and what that looks like. We see ourselves actively reaching out to understand the more assertive elements of our behaviour, what motivates us to defend our separate identity and to maintain our complete autonomy as individuals. We begin a whole new (two-year) cycle of understanding the masculine archetype. We are gradually moving away from the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, womanising, jock-type male – taking some time to remember the world that men live in and sending love and healing intentions to support the reestablishment of a truly divine masculinity.

Without a strong masculine archetype, we cannot actively pursue our “getting what we want”. Yet, we cannot do so at the expense of others. We need to employ a strong, yet loving divine masculine in order to effectively introduce healthy and positive ways that will actively contribute to the benefit of all and are not at the expense of any.

Conditioning the wound

Spaced repetition of any action or instruction sets the neural pathways in our brain to follow a particular course. This is what makes certain experiences in your world second nature – your language, your taste in food, cultural interests, certain activities and routines (riding a bike, playing a musical instrument etc). The more you practice or are exposed to something, the more you get “good” at it. This is how habits are formed. But what happens when your habits are “bad”. What if some practices, learned over time are due to a result of toxic or harmful practices or destructive cultural instruction?

What happens to our belief systems when we are repeatedly given messages that affect the well-being and happiness of some or all of our relationships? What if some of the practices in our cultures simply exposing us to messages that are toxic or destructive to those most vulnerable and seeking some identity in our society?

Healing the divine masculine means addressing these sabotaging actions and removing them from the collective memory of humankind. This is not an easy task. In some ways, it means that we need to deprogram the human mind, the one which deals in archetypal images and connects to the stereotypes of the collective.

The culture of emotional abuse

It is important that we consider all the harm that has been inflicted upon the divine masculine archetype. It is time to understand the terrible emotional trauma that has been committed against it and recognize how this damage has subsequently come to pass on this emotionally abusive conduct down a long, stream of generations. As these twisted streams distorted and perverted energies of our masculinity compound into a mainstream river of violence against the truly authentic expression of divine masculinity, we stand to face the wholesale perpetual damage to our sons and daughters even further down the ages.

All through our history books, we see evidence of how men have had to perform society’s “dirty work.” Out of necessity, men have learned to close off or kill their natural human compassion in order to march to war and commit awful atrocities against their fellow men.

Men were not designed to be mean, uncaring, and heartless monsters. They only developed this ability as a defense mechanism against the unscrupulous demands placed on them by a fear-based society.

Unfortunately, once a human becomes apathetically disconnected from his heart, it becomes gradually more difficult to un-become apathetic and re-connected to that heart, harder and harder to remember where the switch was to turn it back on, reconnect, and begin to caringly feel and emote again.

The repression of kindness

Much of the wounding experienced in today’s masculine is a residual side-effect of a compounded, centuries-old shame in expressing the natural human tendency towards sensitivity and kindness. It is this repressed emotionality of the stereotypical male, seen as a sign of weakness, a vulnerability in his gender, identified as “unmanly”, “effeminate” or “sissy” simply for showing up in a heart-centred and healthy expression of human tenderness and compassion. Shame or ridicule is a cutting force upon the psyche that forces the flow of any natural traits to become secretly suppressed. Certain pathways from the heart to the nervous system become limited or shut off.

When a man feels continually constrained to denying and repressing his true nature just so he can uphold an expected gender role in his society, eventually it becomes part of his conditioning. Hence, any inherent traits of compassion and caring remain hidden from others lest their secret shame be exposed and revealed as being seen as horribly weak, pathetic, and inadequate assertions of masculinity.

It’s no wonder then that we have created the great aberration that, in today’s twisted social reality, can only be described as a fomenting nest of hate, inappropriate rage, resentment, and bitter loathing, directed both towards others and the self. Naturally, this is seen in both men and women who still carry the wounds to their masculine archetype.

Boys are raised to become soldiers (somebody’s instrument of war), not warriors (where they stand up for themselves and their true integrity). We march them off to war to commit atrocities against their fellow men. In the ‘civil’ sense we have outwardly bred a society of narcissists and sociopaths, whilst inwardly we are harbouring a bunch of closet empaths, mystics and underdeveloped, overgrown boys who just seek to relate to the feminine in grossly infantile ways. Men were not designed to be heartless, uncaring, and uncompassionate. We have just programmed them this way.

We are all equal.
But we are not the same.
Many of us resonate with kindness and acceptance,
while some are still going around trying to act tough.
Trying to prove their force against individuals and society.
It is a fear,
which stems from a wound,
which made one feel less
when, in truth, there was so much more
in the heart of that child
that he wished we could share –
but his emotions became crushed
and to ‘feel’
for himself;
for others,
became wrong
and those sores became calluses upon the heart
and the sore became more callous and unkind
and now this unfeeling aggression
hurts us all…

Time to heal this now.

Time for Healing

This time sees a critical surge of activity for all lightworkers, spirit warriors, and Bodhisattvas. As Chiron and Mars now squaring (June 2), the world is beginning to awaken en masse to a new way of healing through the screaming symptoms of its wounded masculine. The looming opposition of Mars to Saturn (May 29) stresses that repressing anger only leads to much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially come out as destructive.

This energy can only be effectively addressed by instinctively focusing it in a meaningful way so that it has the greatest life-supporting effect. There is a strong need for those who exercise alternative, holistic (energy) healing to step forward and do this necessary work now.
What was once just a fringe spiritual practice is now developing as a new force that must become accepted by society’s mainstream healers, teachers and life-coaches. Yet, there is still much a distrust, shame and ridicule toward these types of practitioners.
With this MARS/SATURN opposition currently forming a T-square on Chiron (May 31) events arise where we are each tested to see how, by applying our light vibrations we can spontaneously help our masculine to see their own pent-up energy, as well as helping them find a positive way of releasing it.
If you can, shed your light to help others to see where anger has been repressed between you; see why this has occurred and help to heal the situation by courageously acting with compassion and forgiveness.

How does it affect your sign?

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