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Wednesday, January 18

Wednesday, January 18


May like-minded souls and kindred spirits come your way
through those you meet who’ll ease that busy, flitting, fleeting mind
appease those pessimistic, sometimes worrying thoughts
connect you with those whose ideas and visions are like yours,
align you with most possible and reassuring schemes
and set you going in a cheerful new direction.

Connect with someone much like you today
and just in one short verbal exchange
help them to help you make this day
and quickly find that after all
hey…. things are cool,
and you’re ok…

Monday, January 16


No matter how much you try to analyse this, no matter how you logically try to figure this out, you will never hope to see the true reality of the situation if you take an absolutely rational or conventional approach.

It’s a tough nut to crack.

In fact, it became toughened thanks to society’s pressure to align with it with some ill-conceived logic or convention. Then, when that ceased to support the heart, it reacted with bitter resentment and inconsolable withdrawal.

Forget it. If you think you can explain why some things are how they are, react as mysterious as they do, there is something you’re not getting. Someone’s distorted sense of truth is not allowing the light to enter the heart in its purest integrity.

It’s best just to show love anyway. Genuine compassion.
Forgive that situation and all your mixed up involvement in it.
This has nothing to do with anyone but the ‘wounded’ and their ailing wound.
Know that any pain felt goes back… deep… through the ages.
This is not personal, it’s in our mythology, our stars, the great cosmic drama.
Choose whether you want to play into that ‘karma’ stuff, or sit this round out.
You might find the solution comes clearer if you just don’t engage.

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Saturday, January 14

POST FULL-MOON reflection:

You probably can’t see it so clearly ‘coz you’re in it now, but our whole entire value system is undergoing a massive shift.

It’s not exactly slipping, but we are seriously loosing-up our grip on ‘stuff’ that doesn’t matter. Instead of pursuing admiration, money, fortune and fame, some of us are starting to opt for reaching for something more substantial… the integrity of truth.

It’s a subtle shift, but we are learning that whatever we focus our attention on, that is what we become. If we choose to focus on crap, we soon start to feel that way too. When we place our intentions on something more genuine, our heart immediately begins to resonate at a higher frequency.

The more that this new light reveals the true colours in our world, the more we sense a new reality for ourselves. We realise too that when we place all our attention on things that fail to shine in their own right, we grimly betray our own, low self-worth.

Hopefully this has not been just another week that’s served to expose how we are seriously ailing as a humanity. Not another series of personal events that highlight just how much effort we must make in order to relate to this profoundly sick society.

Come now…
You know you totally got this.
You are the one who gets to choose where to invest your precious energy.
If, in truth, all you have to share is your feelings, keep them as simple and unassuming as possible.
At the very least, at the end of this day, you will not feel so short-changed by your solemn attempts to be true to your heart.

Blessings for the day x

#feelingsmatter #cosmicbus

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Love and all matters of affection can become idealised, heightened and feel most refined during this transit.

But it can often thrust us into a world of confusion too, immerse us into a sea of impracticality and unconscious actions, especially when there are lower, more selfish desires at play.

Empirically, this ♀/♆ transit commences a cycle of purification and refinement in our ability to give and receive love. It somehow finds a way to bless us with a renewed capacity to see through our love illusions, revealing what we truly value.

What do you hold to be of true, eternal value and beauty?
What is the true, underlying worth of everything to you?
What are you prepared to sacrifice within yourself so you can a experience deep, real, unconditional connection with others?

The truest love can often be the most unsettling or most inconvenient kind.

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Thursday, 12 January


Is it out of pressure of expectation? Social obligation? Some forced-upon responsibility?

Is it for the sake of fairness, doing the right thing for the sake of peace and harmony with that other?

Is it just to feed and nourish your most selfish personal needs?

Or is it just the wild forces of nature, urging you to resist or do something resilient to it all?


You may be feeling all torn apart in taking some initiative right now.
It might just be impossible not to offend someone if at the core of things you are not driven to do what is most true for you.
Even still, you may still stand to being judged or criticised by someone who just doesn’t understand.

In any conflict, stay calm, remain centred and neutral.
Do not react.
Do not play into the drama.

This is not necessarily about you.
There is a lesson here somewhere,
for someone…

Full Moon Blessings xx



Monday, January 9

MOON  SQUARING Neptune, Venus, Mars, Nodes, Saturn Chiron…

Be guided only by your inner light and intuition.

Trust it to show you the way, always
– through the fog of uncertainty or confusion;
past any alluring sway of sweet temptation;
beyond the complexity of any obstacle or hostility,
that life does often throw into your way.
Feel your emotions follow just behind you,
letting you know for certain if you stray.

Listen to your inner voice.
It is your sacred spirit calling;
your divine built-in GPS,
keeping you always on track,
guiding you, without fail or distraction,
helping you travel, surely
towards your true destiny.

#followheart #feelingsmatter

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Sunday, January 8

NEPTUNE on the VENUS/MARS (passion axis)

In the romantic reverie stirring in the ethers currently, there is a very subtle and refining effect, gently sublimating our basic drives and most consuming desires.

Feeling it?
It’s different.
If you try the same-old love routine, you may miss it completely.
Vibe yourself into the object of your affections.

Whether it comes off as exquisitely exalted, or just raw and animalistic in its sensuality, the desire nature is heightened to the realms of the otherworldly and sublime pleasure and relief.

Perhaps what makes any love-making so delicate and dreamy now is that Neptune has the finesse to tune us into our psychic sense-abilities, dissolving away all ‘civility’ and need to be ‘effective’, allowing us to become entirely lost into the passion of the affair.

#underwaterlove #ethernatural

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[artist: Fabio Scleretti]

Wednesday, January 4

pisces moon, ang stoic, astrology, astrology reading, astrology aspects, PISCES MOON conjunct CHIRON (21°11′) square SATURN (21°43′)

You may observe, in your meditation, just how much light is entering your mind lately. Take it, use it with gratitude.

Observe how with more light also comes less worry and frustration. Those little things just do not seem to trigger you as much. Instead, you find the strength to forgive those who usually bother you, love them anyway.

Notice too how much of what occurs in your world; all the little instances you experience; seem strung together like a series of meaningful coincidences.

A lightness washes over you and synchronicity runs rife. Miracles occur right before your very eyes.

The more you work with the light, the more you learn to let go of the suffering. This is the miracle of healing and the joy that follows.

Soon, you will learn to let go of everything but the journey.

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[image: Grace Ortiz]

COSMIC UPDATE: Monday, January 2

There comes a time when time itself ceases to give us a bearing on where we are. We stop measuring things relative to past and future and begin to size up our position in the now.

In present tense, the cacophony of the exterior world simmers down to a perfect stillness, and all you can hear is the sound of your own, tender heart trying to speak to you.

Can you hear it?

Hear that inner voice.
Become acquainted with it.
Ultimately, your heart alone will give you the best bearing on just where you are along this wonderful journey.



COSMIC UPDATE: Tuesday, January 3

[Venus joins Moon, Mars, Pallas, Neptune, Chiron & South Node in Pisces.]

All your life you are being yammered at by reason, tossed and bedraggled by insatiable appetites, dictated to by fears, beckoned by hopes.

Small wonder then that what you crave sometimes is some means of escape from the insufferable cruelties of ‘reality’..

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A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W – Sunday, January 1

Be utterly shameless.
Journey beyond the pale.
Dance side by side with your own shadow.
If you fall, fall gracefully and fast regain your poise and balance.
Get up again and embrace your failings.
If you should cut yourself, then let it bleed.
If you get wounded, know that it will heal.
Follow your heart, and you shall never lose faith in yourself.

You may lose face,
some superficial skin,
you may lose blood, or sweat, or tears,
may even lose your old religion.
Just know with certainty
it’s up to you to take the lead
Unleash the torrid beast inside of you
and do not give a damn about what others say.
Kick ass whenever it is absolutely necessary.
Stand up to every challenge like it may be your very last,
rise up and prosper, time and time again
with wilful disregard for fear or wretched dereliction.

Never become a slave to others’ expectations,
become the master of a whole new destiny for yourself.
This is the only way to truly identify your life’s passion.

#Superbowl2017 #CosmicBus

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Tuesday, 13 December ~ Venus @07°11′ on Sun/ Chiron midpoint

15418392_1000329206737909_5631298967240069734_oSee how exercising self-love not only has the power to heal you, but to help you to appreciate the true spiritual intent behind all things around you. Learning to embrace yourself as someone at least worthy of your own love has the capacity to bring new and deeper meaning to all relationships around you. This may take some detachment to experience.

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

☉ ∗ ♃ , ☿ ∗ ♆ , ☉☌ ♄ , ♀ ∠ ♄

From a young age you were taught to lie, deny the truth, keep secrets. “It was for your own good” they said, “just go along, don’t ask questions, nod, smile, and always tell them what they want to hear”….

Politics. It is the way of the civilised.
Guaranteed to allow you to live to a ripe old age.15420954_998050463632450_6823830922688510919_n
Yet… can seem so constricting, confining.

Now, as it dawns, a new Sun is rising.
It has the right to bear a whole new way.
A whole new version is allowed to form.

How much are you feeling to tell it?
Just how will you come out and tell it now?
Or is it best to just keep holding your truth in?

Tuesday, 6 December

MOON in PISCES conjunct NEPTUNE at 09°19′

15392854_993733567397473_123884424592701912_oThe need is strong to reach out to a world, a universe, which shows no boundaries, no barriers or limitations, one where possibilities are boundless.

We have been barely conscious up until this point. At the dawn of a new, much higher consciousness we have now been slipped the lever to migrate our experience onto the next level.

Over his next 24 hours you may sense a yearning to slip nicely into the oneness of the infinite divine – a world that until now may have been only dreamable or told in fairy tales. The glimpse of something wonderfully divine, yet tangibly real is ready to work on a grand scale. It is the dream that includes everyone and everything resonating in a pure state of ultimate togetherness and bliss….

Ah, but really… ?
Isn’t that state only possible when we agree to suspend all disbelief? A blinded faith in something that is just still a fancy pipe dream?

Have faith.

Know the difference:

YOUR Dream: A vision that you alone carry in your mind, one exclusive only to you, that will eventually get tiresome because it simply undermines the dream that others around hold within their heart.

THE dream: – a vision where everyone in your world is co-operating, co-creating and manifesting together, one that would and could be possible if only it accords in full alignment to the universal intent.

Which dream seems the most feasible?

Sunday, 4 December

MOON enters Aquarius

As Mars trined Jupiter, he became inflated with an enormous sense of self-righteousness. Inspired to act with deliberation, he feels this is for the sake of liberty and justice for all posterity. A sextile to Saturn has only augmented his swagger, a crusade he feels is bigger than himself.

Already, an electricity is humming through the airwaves, filled with activism for change. When the finally Moon triggers Mars, the warrior heads closer to a mutually receptive sextile to Uranus.

There’s no telling what surprises are in store for us there, and maybe a bit of trepidation going in, but the expectation that actions may be met with adversity, as well as angry reactions for showing the audacity to be bold and stand true to one’s desired outcome.

In the end there will be the most surprising outcome – something so unprecedented and true that it will then jolt us into a charge to act in wilful defiance of everything that ever came before. As shocking as it may seem…

“….if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”

[the Moon will conjunct Mars at 19°25′ on Dec 5, 8:49am UT]

PART 1 – Moon enters Capricorn December 1, 8:52

[image: akira]
[image: akira]
The mood has earthed considerably after 3 days of seriously spirited fare through Sagittarius. The current disposition of our emotional environment now calls for sobriety, which in effect tries to create a dismal drop in our own emotional energy. This is a bummer, especially after the SUN’s square to NEPTUNE which took our exalted spirits and sailed them off into the inebriating abyss of the past few days, getting us (at least a little) over-excited, and now, perhaps shunted off to face what might well be described as a horridly unrealistic state of affairs.
Still… we live in hope.
…except, that any form of escape you’re trying to dream up right now is not going to cut it as a truly sustainable option for you.
Hasn’t worked so far, right?
You may be feeling increasingly more somber now as we know that we must face up to and accept those daunting responsibilities.
[hmm… wtf were those again?]
Oh, I’m sorry, don’t want to ruin the vibe here, but did we somehow lose the plot a little in that exorbitantly intense love affair (sponsored by♀/♃/ ♇ ) of this last week? Can we just pull ourselves together just a little here, please?
Look, you can have your cake – you just gotta do the work a little here, ok? Stay grounded.
As the Moon approaches Pluto, some stuff is really buried down there and it’s pushing to come up. Ominous signs from those around us – those actually in our lives somehow – are becoming pressing reminders to stay in alignment with the promises we are making, both to ourselves and to those we must to honour. Some stepping up is definitely in order now, because the shit ain’t going to stay down there too much longer. It’s building an enormous instinctive urge to come out and be dealt with. Seriously. Can you feel it coming on?
Ok. How to deal with it:
This may mean holding off a little on all the whimsical habits, distractions, nuisances and toxic familiar haunts from the past and quickly snapping into alignment with the (hello) present. Yep this is real, and it’s all around you. It’s time to lost some junk baggage fast.
What is it? Reputation, Status, Career, Public Face, Paternity, Governance, Structure, Toughness, Firmness… those are all Capricorn words. These are all going to have to take a hit if they don’t pull their game up and take a little of their homeopathic medicine.
It’s all about that medicine.
If it’s yours then step up and take it now. Don’t bitch and moan and gossip about other people’s struggles, either get out there and join them or return to minding your business. if you MUST get engaged in anything, then choose to do it with a sense of maturity.
Even throughout of this current haze of lofty idealism; this attunement to the amazing powers of love; this new, annoyingly real sensitivity to ‘reality’ that you’re having; this latent desire of yours to completely shut this whole crazy world out sometimes… you’re still going to have to come to the kitchen and dice up the cold hard facts of your situation.
With the SUN about to conjunct SATURN in a week, that nonsense better start making sense. Capricorn is a total bulls#it filter, and for all our nonsense, just know that we are still trawling our way through the unholy remnants of a very rigid 3D structure, one whose expectations, bitchiness and criticism of our choices is still not in alignment to our collective dream together (♄ /♆). The alchemy is far from being complete just yet, friends.
Gotta do the work. Stay grounded on your self & other work.
Anyway, like we said, a very interesting month ahead, and YOU are invited to be involved, on all levels.
Let’s do this.


[image: tina schultz]
[image: tina schultz]
The Moon, at 15°♑59′  now triggers what is effectively a constitutional crisis.
Pluto – the great oath to secrecy – has been exposed, outed by the great squares of (2012-15). In April 2014 there was a rare astrological alignment involving Jupiter, then in Cancer, and a powerfully sustained retrograding Mars in Libra along the PLUTO/URANUS SQUARE. It would be known as the Cardinal Grand Cross and would be the beginning of the dissent away from the powers of the patriarchy and our dependence on the feminine as a completely passive force, and lead us into the exploration of our inner power and our right to personal independence.
Today, the power holders such as the wealthy & the privileged, those well-connected and capable of wielding great political influence are sitting in a precarious position. They’re aware that the current global situation is so tensely divided that many existing legal, religious or political constitutions appear unable to resolve matters. As such, we are witnessing a fundamental breakdown in the orderly operations of law, church and state.
Many matters today, both locally and globally are so disturbingly obvious in their malfunction that they now stand out like the elephant in the room.
Similarly, matters with you – what you’re doing morally and ethically are not sitting well with how you’re choosing to act.
It’s time to take the elephant for a walk.
© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016
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  1. This passage hit home….
    Pluto – the great oath to secrecy – has been exposed, outed by the great squares of (2012-15). In April 2014 there was a rare astrological alignment involving Jupiter, then in Cancer, and a powerfully sustained retrograding Mars in Libra along the PLUTO/URANUS SQUARE. It would be known as the Cardinal Grand Cross and would be “the beginning of the dissent away from the powers of the patriarchy and our dependence on the feminine as a completely passive force, and lead us into the exploration of our inner power and our right to personal independence.”

    I finally left an over 30 year relationship.
    I had plans to in mid April of ’14 but had a set back and finally did on May 15th

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