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The Year Ahead: 2017, an Astrological Synopsis

As much as we can look forward to a phenomenally enlightening year ahead, I have deliberately tried hard not to burden you an epic 5,oo0-word dissertation on the what we can expect just to keep this summary simple. Being particularly mindful that both Jupiter (11 main transits) and Neptune (7 main transits) are so highly active in this year’s most critical outer-planetary pictures, the key framework for the themes playing out over 2017 will become mostly centred around integration of subtle energies into our mainstream understanding and belief systems.

I will hence keep this report terse and as to the point as I can here – just as a big-picture synopsis of what we can expect over the next several months.

In general, this may appear to the many uninitiated to be a completely crazy, unpredictable year where, from the onset nothing seems to align to any expectations previously made. It will be vital to keep our views about the brave world of tomorrow as open-minded as we can, and thanks to the initial sustained Jupiter/Uranus opposition (Dec ’16-Mar ’17), it is going to be one full of sudden shocks and surprises. Jupiter later squares Pluto (Mar 30), and the great benefic sits on the revolutionary Ur/Pl midpoint until the middle of this year, causing all kinds of social turbulence upon our socio-political customs and generally accepted ethics and morals.

This starts off as a truly wild year, and as it progresses it is important to allow for everything – from the ridiculous to the sublime without become too heavily invested in what ‘should’ or ‘shoudn’t’ be in terms of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Of course, by July, we are ready to accept anything, even settle with nothing more than the promise of potential, new beginnings and a preference for pure and naked innocence. It’s hard to imagine coming to a place where you feel each day is just an opportunity for new adventure and each moment can be lived to its fullest.

Perhaps for many the first few months may mean a dramatic release from everything that gave us any sense of meaning, or connection to the past, since that will have incrementally been wrenched away from us.

The second half of the year presents us with the beginning of a new creativity and a desire to accomplish new goals (or to, at least, begin working towards working towards a dream that we (humanity) can all share in). In the highest respect to the laws of attraction, those who truly align to the principles of universal abundance will acknowledge that, indeed, anything can happen and the opportunities are just waiting to be taken advantage of.

For us, the need to set forth on the cosmic journey – one that is completely unknown and will take us to uncharted territories, upon roads never before travelled promises new experiences, personal growth, development and exciting adventure. Of course, this is not just a journey in which we must travel light (no emotional baggage welcome). We must learn to become the light itself. Releasing all fear-bound conditions and stories around our wounds from the past, we can make a ‘leap of faith’ by throwing total trust in the universe, knowing that if we accept the brave new journey of non-attachment that success is there, and waiting for us. Uranus/Neptune transits generate a carefree life – one that is ultimately free from worry or anxiety. To do this successfully, complete faith that everything is in its right place, just at the right moment, in the right measure is the only ticket on board.

Those in the Cosmic Tribe subscription will have the benefit of a closer, more comprehensive analysis and special tools on how to read the energies ahead, but the main thing about the next year will be that we will need to be consistently working at integrating and grounding the considerable alternatives presented to us on the experiential level, moment to moment, day to day.

As an astrologer reading these complex energies for you, it promises to be a most exciting time.

Wishing you an amazing, positive and prosperous year ahead xx

Ang Stoic is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.  If you are a full Cosmic Tribe subscriber, you may take advantage of Ang’s December special – book a private session with Ang for only USD$99 (full 80 minute reading). Offer applies to all sessions booked in December*
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  1. I wish you the very best for the year ahead Ang and continued success professionally xxx❤

  2. Thank you, all sounds really good, and without trying really hard 😉.
    Happy New Year

  3. As always, you shine bright Ang💫
    Thank you for illuminating us all.
    Your words continue to inspire…
    With great love ♥✨

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