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The Week Ahead – October 3-10

[art: Agata Kawa]
[art: Agata Kawa]
This week’s Moon passage through Scorpio, Sagittarius, then Capricorn sums up the mood as we go deep to get to the bottom of what not only sits well with our truth, but what how we actually intend to make it our reality.

  Tuesday Oct 04 05:00 pm Sun 11°54′ Sextile Saturn 11°54′
  Wednesday Oct 05 09:19 pm Venus 14°57′ Sextile Pluto 14°57′
  Wednesday Oct 05 09:46 pm Mars 05°42′ Square Jupiter 05°42′
  in Friday Oct 07 07:56 am Mercury 00°00′
  Friday Oct 07 07:30 pm Sun 14°57′ Square Pluto 14°57′
Sunday Oct 09 04:33 am Moon 16°19′ Square Sun 16°19′
With the glib Libra Sun on the campaign to meet others halfway being joined by communications expert Mercury (Friday) who will pass over inflating Jupiter, the quest to say the right thing and provide the best choice possible in the exterior world will hit all stops by the middle of the month.
But something much more intense, even life-transforming is happening underneath the surface which, instinctively, nobody can deny.
[art: Agata Kawa]
[art: Agata Kawa]
We have all been through a very prolonged, exhaustingly drawn-out period of disillusionment, where our reality seems to have been on the brink of messing not just with our minds, but our hearts as well. Yesterday’s quincunx from the Sun to Neptune has us now highly spurious about anything, and no amount of trying to sugar-coat shit is going to give it any substance. As the Moon dives dramatically into Scorpio, it appears the worm is about to turn in all our relationships, and as Luna activates the extremely fierce Venus, the seethingly dark Lilith and scorned Juno, the mood is set to get nasty, particularly where one-to-one relations are concerned. Scorpio not only sees right through Libra, she intends to teach him a lesson. The Libra Sun may wish to really ground himself in his attempts to succeed at forming trust in others when on Tuesday he forms a sextile to Saturn in truth-pressing Sagittarius.
Something just doesn’t sit well though and – let’s face it – after months of feeling confused, lied to, disenchanted with reality by the eroding effects of the Saturn/Neptune squares, there are not many who are ready to quickly settle for what continues to be presented as ‘evidence’ and ‘facts’, surmountingly stacking up before us.
We have learned the truth is not necessarily OUR truth, and with Mars now in Capricorn, we are not only hungry for a bite of the reality sandwich, but as the warrior-god squares up to the politically voluble hype-machine that is Jupiter in Libra, we are all too keen to spit it back out in his face if it fails to make good, earthy sense. The crusade to get some grounding does become more desperate as this month rolls.
[art: Agata Kawa]
[art: Agata Kawa]
As things progress this week, we come to discover that so much about so much is still pathetically trying to stay hidden. The Sun’s square to Pluto in Capricorn is just a reminder that people will do anything to conceal their true motives, bury the premises that lie beneath what is becoming simply an attempt to take us along on their ride. But our instincts tell us more – that in effect, others are actually clueless about what we want. As the Moon passes over Saturn on Thursday we start to question if anyone has a clue about what they want themselves… a grim despair slips over the land (temporarily) when we may choose it’s best to completely suspend all connection to the exterior which is coming across as thoroughly unsound and unsupportive to what we want to believe. It appears that there is no way to fix, or restore something whose very nature has become extremely corrupted. A growing sense of fear may rise, which becomes severely more verified in the dense structures of the crumbling 3D universe and, in many ways, it’s harder and harder to find excuses, euphemisms and fairy-floss explanations.
Anyone with any intelligence gets the feeling that if we are going to move forward, there may be a degree of difficulty just ahead in accepting what is really true.
So what is true? What is real then?
One thing that is starting to mount by the first-quarter Moon in Capricorn this Sunday – the only place to turn to for your reality is with your own feelings.
Sure, these are often unsettling and disturbing. This is what causes you to run to others, or to clutch to your external props and accoutrements to find some consolation, perhaps distraction. But your feelings (however painful) are your only reliable source to the truth you seek to find. Your feelings are the only thing you can truly call your own. Your feelings are the only source that will inform you of your own best interests, and without this information you will never really come to accept the truth. Without an honest connection to your own feelings, you will never find true love. One cannot love if one cannot feel. Even if it hurts, and it will hurt a lot if you have trained yourself to deny, to banish, to hide, to disallow yourself to express truly feel. The pain you feel comes only from the shame and embarrassment of holding off expression of the only thing that’s truly yours.
From the time we are born, society is there to suppress and to limit our own emotional reactions, our instincts, what sits inside us and guides our true gauge with reality. We have become ever so dependent on others and on our society to tell us what makes us happy and what brings us pain.
In the end, this has not served us. Especially those who have been living mostly in their heads and not their hearts. Observe the struggle that everyone (including you) is going through in trying to determine and decide what is going on. Observe the growing insecurity that only comes in trying to trust what is going on if it is failing to connect with your own heart’s purrings and growls.
[art: Agata Kawa]
[art: Agata Kawa]
At some point this week, we will take a stand, embrace our own emotions and let ourselves feel. Even if all we feel is pain, despair and disappointment. At least in this will come closest to our true reality, and come to distance ourselves from all the delusion that continues to bang its ludicrous campaign drum all around us.
It may not hurt to release the pain and have a good cry. That will certainly help (a little while), but when the crying’s over you will still need to come down to earth and decide how to act. What is the most responsible thing for you to do?
Blessings, and have an amazing week.
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  1. I’m trying to find words here Ang!
    It seems you have used them all in the gorgeous, succinct way only you deliver.
    My question relates to your last paragraph…
    In the process of my deciding how to act, is it my own soul I need to put in primary position for responsibility? My instinct yells ‘YES’,……thank you! Spirit Mail (aka~ SM?) arrived, processed & acknowledged??…
    Now I just need to deal with the many various avenues mind is adventuring….
    ⁉️ If I am responsible to my own soul within a heated, complicated & heavy situation, & by my choosing this path another very close primemasculine soul is literally torn & the prospect of all things dire becoming activated is indeed real, is THAT being responsible?
    Spread the love,,,,,Peace to All????

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