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PISCES MOON, conjunct Neptune/square Saturn

Our auric field is full of the energies of other people.
Whether we ‘like’ them or not, those people who enter our consciousness through our minds, also enter our hearts, our emotional being. Simply by becoming aware of others, whether they are here with us or absent, past or present, we come to attach an emotion to them.
These emotions (positive or negative) can impact our overall personal energy field – affecting our cumulative emotional state of well-being.
During such times of increased sensitivity (☽/♆♓), we become ever more susceptible to the energies coming from others. In these moments, we sense their energy as being completely engrossed in their own personalities, their dramas, inadequacies and resentments. We sense them radiating a very harsh, negative effect upon us. Especially if they see us as being in a much more peaceful and harmonious state.
Very quickly, like turns to dislike.
Attraction turns into disgust, fear, judgement (♄).
They may not openly come out and say that, but our spirit senses their disdain upon us, and our whole emotional balance is thrown off-kilter. We feel very negative and often are not sure why.
Recognise that negativity without trying to change them, without trying to analyse or persuade them. If relations with that person turn nasty, learn to walk (☍ ♃♍).
You have the freedom to step away. Leave them where they are.
Step into a place of solitude. Learn, through practiced mindfulness and intentional breathing (meditation ♃/♆) to drop all negativity (♄) emanating from others. Let them be. You cannot change them now.
Changes you make in your own auric field system will ultimately affect not only your own state of peacefulness, but gradually, everyone with whom you are directly connected.
Learn to drop negativity immediately and step away from grief into peace (just like that).


Look, don’t make me cry, ok?

I won’t let you.

Not going to let your mean-spirited, petty-minded, niggling criticism get to me this time…

Think you can improve me by picking on my faults and weaknesses…? …suffocating me into your own pathetic, love-starved corner of misery and unfulfilled expression, trying so cleverly to make me doubtful, hesitant, self-conscious about expressing myself?

Not going to let your sad and twisted dampening of my free-spirit consume my shining, gentle, gifted visions; my open-hearted efforts to share my dream, my dance and song out to the world.

No fuck you.

And that nag you rode in on.

And fuck your paltry, pseudo-intellectual judgements too.
Go stick them in those blogs of yours that nobody but you and your snivelling little sycophantic cronies like to snigger at all day, like the shifty, gold-toothed, impotent shit-house rodents that you are…

You represent everything hateful, sinister and green upon this earth.

It is your snide and deprecating censure that I hate – the way it seeks only to choke and snuff out all the glittering magic and wonderment of those souls who hold a true, authentic light of creativity. It’s your craving for that which you could never have that is the murderer of talent in this world. It’s your brutal egotism that robs people of all hope to aspire, to love and dream.

And it makes me sick.

Leave me alone now, in my solitude, my modesty, my imagination, creativity and kindness. I will be left alone…

…and look,
look now…
you made me cry.

You see?
You win again…


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