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The Week Ahead: September 19-26

[art: Roberto Ferri.]
[art: Roberto Ferri.]
Here are the main transit for the week ahead…
۞ (M) ♀(24°♎58′) ∗ ♂ (24°♐58′) – Emphasis on sexual relations
۞ (T) ♀(25°♎32′) – ♄/♆/☊ – Depressed states, inhibitions with others, frustration
۞ (W) ☿(14°♍56’Rx) △ ♇ (14°♑56’Rx) – Transformative discussions and ideas
۞ (Th) ☿ (14°♍49′) SD – 05:21 UT – Seering breakthroughs about to emerge now
۞ (Th) ☉ in ♎ – 14:22 UT – Vernal Equinox
۞ (F) ☿ (14°♍56′) △ ♇ (14°♑56’Rx) – Processing deeply transmutable thought patterns
۞ (F) THIRD QUARTER MOON (00°♋48′) – Conflict of interests
۞ (F) ♀ in ♏ – 14:51 pm – Extreme passion in relationships

This week takes us deep, deep, not just into the inner core of our daily mental processes, but as we start now to burrow beyond just the mere construct of our minds, we also come to pinpoint the precious matters of our hearts – in particular, exploring how what we truly feel about ourselves comes to affect the way that we relate to others, on all levels.

Retrograde Mercury slows right down to a stop (14°♍49′) on Thursday, its close conjunction to the North Node and near square to Saturn creates a forced need to seek out others with whom we engage in deeply profound communications. Through this week it will sustain an exact earth trine to psychologically penetrating Pluto, creating an urgent need to disintegrate any of old, expired patterns of thinking and to transmute our senses into a whole new system of processing information, one which is ever less tarnished by repressed ancestral and cultural influences to accomplish and accede in the exterior world.

Venus, in her closing degrees of Libra activates the ♄/♆/☊ midpoint, so we can expect relationships, particularly those of some significance in our lives (both past and present) to be going through the final stages of judgement, in one last attempt to sort out or mediate their relative purpose in our lives, particularly if we are still enamoured by some unattainable ideal rather than the hard reality of how they compliment us. Yes, people come into our lives for all sorts of reasons, often with some degree of karmic significance, but is is time now to weigh up what all this means and make a decision on how and why they affect us. There may be some blues, but take this as a sign that someone is actually stopping you from being free to be and love yourself as best you can.

Much is changing, and the relative pace of our overall personal development is frighteningly prolific, just in the sheer volume of how much we are learning about how best to love ourselves in the context of others. By burrowing deep into the essence of where our love comes, we see clearly just how much this has been filtered, conditioned, even retarded by our subconscious desire to feel accepted, wanted and approved by others. These are not ordinary times for humans on planet earth, nor are these seemingly fleeting transits to be taken out of the context of far more potent and profound processes that have been (and will continue to be) blessing us with their critical effects upon our respective psycho-spiritual evolution.

The Sun’s equinox arrives on Thursday at 14:22 UTC, where days and nights become equal in length, marking a critical turning point in our yearly journey. Of course, this time of year ushers in the cooler season in the Northern, and the approach of warmer days in the Southern Hemispheres. At this Cardinal point, we sense too a tremendous uptake in the way personal and global affairs start to effect a brand new initiative, and of course, the Sun’s conjunction of newly crowned Jupiter in Libra (sep 26) initiates a brand new year of growth through reclaiming balance and harmony in our world.

Though many of us are still up and down energetically, this week shifts our focused intensity into a whole new dimension. Many of you have already been observing the phenomenal rise of divinely feminine forces engulfing the earth (augured by the Chirotic Lunar Eclipse), working to restore balance to a world obsessed and overrun by the masculine desire to dominate, conquer and control everything in the exterior. The shift now sees us begin to take a more passive, nurturing approach to healing our wicked, reproachful, wounded ways, seeking to understand that which has always been denied, both within and without in the world we come to immediately affect.

And affect we will.
Strongly so…

As Venus, the ruler of Libra steps into the emotionally fierce and fanatical Scorpio, one gets the feeling we are coming to the business end of all our interpersonal dealings, and we learn to either fuse or diffuse them fast, efficiently, thoroughly and hopefully for ‘good’.

Blessings, and have an amazing week x

[artist unknown]
[artist unknown]
To try to love those once unkind,
We struggle blindly, disinclined
to let our feelings disentangle,
from hearts once pure, now only mangled.

Between the desert, and the sea
our spirits beckon to be free
but then, strange forces in the night
cause us to whimper and take fright.

Receding where it’s most secure
we pull together, premature
before we see what caused our pain
we hurt each other yet again.

It hurts so badly when it hurts,
those throbbing sores are red alerts
At some point, we will soon discover
our hearts are screaming to recover.

What will it take to set things free
Why don’t we listen, let things be
Is it because we’re drawn together
flocking just like birds of a feather.

One has the feeling nothing’s just
how it appears, time to adjust
Once this great mystery’s unravelled
true love will pave the journey travelled.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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  1. I am blown away! Your works are so sucint, cut to the core of what is happening now. May we all( especially me:) have the courage to move forward and finally live ourselves(heal). The world needs us whole more than ever.
    Thank you Ang!

  2. ‘Love’ ourselves…and ‘live’ ourselves works as well…sometimes that spell check really knows it’s shit!:-)

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