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The Week Ahead: September 12-18

❋ (M) ☿ (20°♍49’Rx) □ ♂ (20°♐49′) – arguments, controversies
❋ (M) (☿ 20°♍37’Rx) ☌ ☉(20°♍37′) – expressing subjective thoughts
❋ (Tu) ☉(21°♍28′) □ ♂(21°♐28′) – pushing oneself too hard upon others
❋ (Th) ☉ (22°♍56′) ☍ Ch (22°♓ 56’Rx) – cynicism about the deeper aspects of life, caught up in pedantry, rejecting spirit
❋ (F) ☉(23°♍38′) ⊼ ♅ (23°♈38’Rx) – readjusting due to the unexpected
❋ (F) ♂ (22°♐53′) □ Ch (22°♓ 53’Rx) – defending one’s flaws, refusing to go deeper into binding shame
❋ (F) ☽ (24°♓ 20′) ☍ ☉ (24°♍20′) – PISCES LUNAR ECLIPSE – emotional high tide, separation or endings due to superflood of feelings that cannot be handled.,
❋ (Sa) ♂ (23°♐35′) △ ♅ (23°♈35’Rx) – overcoming danger, actions which bring freedom or relief
❋ (Sa) ♀ (22°♎49) ⊼ Ch (22°♓ 49’Rx) – relationship still needs work, healing still necessary
❋ (Su) ♀ (23°♎33′) ☍ ♅ (23°♈33’Rx) – holding the unconventional at arms length

Last week presented us with a massive shift in planetary waves, particularly the move of Jupiter into the constellation of Libra, generating a whole new thrust towards the expanding our ability to integrate and synthesise ourselves into the greater world by restoring harmony and balance back into our world, often through seeing our true selves in relationship to others.

Also, the final Saturn/Neptune square (Sep 10) has many of us still gathering ourselves together over massive confusion and disillusionment – a side-effect of the separation and grief being currently experienced from the physical world, which is not necessarily so easy to deal with because of the inherent denial, anger, bargaining and depression that goes on before we can take full acceptance of the reality that an false or dying situation can no longer be sustained. This process may take a while, especially for anyone still clinging hard to any misconceptions that something in their reality is now dissolving away forever, and will never again be made possible.

In many ways, and for many people, true Judgement Day has already come. Some people may take a little while to realise this and come to terms with it.

The Virgo Sun continues to methodically do its duties, crossing T’s dotting I’s in our daily lives, combining with Rx Mercury to purposefully arrange some very subjective, introspective thoughts and ideas into terms of some relative importance, particularly to the ego. This propensity to analyse things very subjectively, to stress the importance of one’s own ideas using very skewed, egotistical thinking creates issues through the week, especially with squares to Mars. If you’re caught up in verbal stoushes, ask yourself why it is so important for you to assert what you think is important. What is your angle, and what are you hoping to achieve from this. Any aggressiveness that comes across as egotistical thinking and communicating will only serve to damage any healing progress. It is an opportunity, in our mindfulness not to press our own opinions too hard onto others, to explore deeper meaning in our own ideas, or through deeper communication of the spiritual purpose of life.

This early part of the week, leading up to the Pisces Lunar eclipse sets the scene for the profound healing that is possible, particularly towards the masculine element in our world. True balance cannot be restored on this planet unless we prepare ourselves by healing the tendency of the ego to distort our thinking. Only by seeing into the roots of conflict can we ever gain the power to soothe and heal, both deeply and profoundly right through to the heart level. Many of you out there, whether you call yourselves healers, spiritual warriors, light-workers, shamanic guides etc. will be activated by this eclipse to take a whole new initiative based on the guidance of spiritual forces. (Lunar eclipse article, w/horoscopes during this week).

In all that occurs, in all the conflict and argument and all the working through issues, we must remember to stay centred and neutral if we are to be inspired by the Spirit Light to act, and not repress those very powerful internally emanating impulses when they arise in us. Stronger, clearer signals in every exchange, whether within ourselves, with nature or among our affairs brings greater emphasis and calling in our ability to bring to light the real and true nature of our conflicts and what they have to teach us.

Only when we come to develop our gifts of understanding the meaning and purpose behind anger, resentment, conflict, war etc. can we then intuitively assert ourselves in ways that fulfill this planet’s spiritual evolution toward peace. In a much more interpersonal sense, make special note to work on your
ability to get to the heart of a conflict, aiming to resolve it or direct it along positive lines, rather than to squabble around in circles. Have the courage to not hold back when you sense what needs to be done.

Sometimes one may have to act on impulse without necessarily having the rationally sound or logical justification to do so. Sometimes things need to be done because something deep within feels like it’s time.

Many Blessings,
and have an amazing week xx

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