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Venus in Pisces

Let’s talk about love again.Venus in Pisces, pisces astrology, venus astrology, 12th house venus, venus in the 12th house, venus love astrology, neptune venus astrology aspects
But let’s talk more about love as a concept rather than a person or a thing.
With Venus in Pisces entering the intensely moral curtain created by the Jupiter/Saturn square  (Friday) there is a real emphasis in developing a patient and persistent attitude in how we approach the subject of what we wish to attract into lives, and just how willing we are to allow it to affect us and to let it develop and unfold gradually into our heart and soul.

Venus in Pisces

Once in a while something simply unreal comes along, something so irresistibly dreamy that you can hardly believe your senses. And you want it. Oh, how badly you want this…

Yes the sky might just tear open with great heavenly choirs of nubile angels, dancing and singing exultantly, rejoicing your name in overtures about a love that was always promised only in parables and dreams, and yet its strange elusiveness has almost made you question your faith in human kindness.

But here we are. Venus in Pisces. She is here. One part vision-of-beauty, eleven parts idealisation. And all yours to enjoy…

…or is she?

It’s funny how it works sometimes but the most delicious elements of love are often those long, erstwhile moments of anticipation before we can actually taste its sweetness. The epic little fantasies of how sweet it will be, how it may soothe and comfort our tormented soul from the ravages and abrasions of harsh reality, and how it promises to instantly deliver us to that perfected state of utmost peace, tranquility and satiated pleasure.

To some that’s all love ever is. The impossible dream.

Sometimes the longing for this love is higher than the love itself, for we all know that in a human world our tendency to descend into the foibles and mechanics of the physical world can often bring us to despair when we discover that things are not quite as we have dreamed. Venus in Pisces works quite elusively to avoid and dissuade us from ever arriving at such a realisation by somehow magically upholding the glamour and the romance. She manages to prevent our mathematically-inclined minds from trying to calculate how to make this one last.

In fact it cannot last. It is too good to be true. If you want to analyse it that way.

The greatest charm in this kind of love (the greatest love of all) is that it may never let you get close enough to question its appeal. It will continue to dazzle and delight you just enough before elusively disappearing, just before your clever mind can kick in to scrutinise its function and the reason for its appeal. Just when you think you might have worked it out, how to hold her and maintain her grace, she either slips away or disappoints you. Most likely both.

Until you start to yearn for her again… perhaps next time in some other, more perfected form.

Venus’ conjunction to Neptune in Pisces has only made her seem even less physically attainable, even less personal in her availability. She will become exalted as the great universal love, the one who is everything to everyone. Yet somehow she becomes even more desirable. Like the great mythical mermaid that one never got to witness with their own eyes but who, in splendid tales, had promised every joy and treasure. And so men sailed searching far and wide to catch a glimpse. This period now awakens humanity’s own search for a divine love through mystical reverie and wistful desire for a connection of a higher dimensional quality.

But what if Venus in Pisces wasn’t at all about the unattainable physical love we seek to experience through a person or thing ?

What if her main purpose was only to leave us with something….

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