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PISCES LUNAR ECLIPSE: 24°♓ 20′, Friday Sep 16, 2016, 19:06 UTC


There is a floodgate of interdimensional feminine Lunar energy unfurling its way into our structured, linear dimensions with this important Lunar Eclipse, a bookend to the phenomenal Virgo Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago. This lunation transmits powerfully transformative message to everyone here on this planet.

Relations are about to shift between the genders as the rising of a mystically receptive feminine force engulfs the earth to create the pathway for a more balanced framework by which to operate.

The impact of these powerful dynamics, activated over these past couple of weeks by the Virgo Solar Eclipse, will resonate most strongly as they pave the way for some of the key interplanetary aspects that we are about to experience over the next few months – especially with the harmonisation of the justice-seeking Jupiter in Libra (squaring Pluto, opp Uranus). However, it is important we stay clear and centered so that we do not become overwhelmed or confused by the strange energies currently at play.

This Lunar Eclipse is effectively an opposition between the practically functional and mentally discerning Virgo Sun creating extreme polarity against the spiritually sensitive, all-accepting and emotionally receptive Pisces Moon (also tightly conjunct the shamanic force of Chiron). These are being T-squared by masculine Mars energy in Sagittarius, forcing us to take action to clear any blocked emotions by allowing them to flow more freely. In this contrasting or conflicting process, this eclipse creates opportunities to see what needs to be done in order to hold and cultivate a healing space so that the emotional body may be cleansed, vitalised and purified.

In this sacred, ceremonial space our ego is allowed to undergo profound healing by becoming deeply attuned to the feelings of others (and visa versa). At the highest, deepest healing level, it is our actual DNA which is being allowed to transmute and transform to release hurtful karmic strands and thus better receive and administer the Spirit light force for us to initiate the healing of others.

The Pisces Moon’s tight conjunction to planetoid Chiron is highly significant here, since Chiron is essentially a transmitter or purveyor of insights between ordinary and extra-terrestrial worlds, acting more as a shamanic master of ceremonies who serves to initiate us through a rite of passage, as if he’s ferrying us from one side of the river to another.

Chiron, himself an extraordinarily tortured creature, a grotesquely disfigured sod whose own self-reproach, blended with abandonment issues and the curse of being ravaged by a painfully incurable malady, seeks a particularly sophisticated kind of remedy for himself through Pisces. He is aware that only by the efforts of absolving all unfairly imposed incriminations and social stigmas – only through unconditional forgiveness and acceptance of his emotional weaknesses and tender vulnerabilities can the shame of being a spiritually wounded soul be soothed, overcome, healed. He now seeks to remedy a lifetime of pain from feeling discriminated against, victimised, vilified and misunderstood. By reaching an acceptance and trusting, valuing his powers of empathy, he finds hope to do the difficult work of helping other sensitive souls to themselves become re-empowered.

Fusing with the Moon, Chiron becomes engendered in the passive or feminine facets of our operation, and though present in all of us, it is represented most obviously through the woman – the mother, the wife, the matriarch and the nurturing goddess in our sphere.

Who nurtures and supports you?
Notice the way this force changes, becoming less personalised and taking higher, more impersonal (or less emotionally invested) care. This is designed to return responsibility upon you to act, rather than react (or whimper into a sense of escaping practical responsibilities).

lecThe lunar eclipse Chiron (involved in the Pisces Solar Eclipse, March 10, 2016) now comes to compassionately guide us across a difficult bridge, one that will take us into a new world of forgiveness, redemption and spiritual freedom from the wounds of the past. For many among us, to imagine living a life without feeling shame or hurt may seem like a strange, fantastical world indeed. The opposition to Virgo Sun, pits this force against a harsh, cynical, clinical attitude, one that commands we make some practical sense of any absurdly intangible spiritual concepts. Neptune, ruler of Pisces, now conjunct the South Node, suggests that there is a growing lack of team spirit, an undermining of global cohesion which serves only to disseminate and disintegrate past definitions and boundaries, cultural distinctions, national identities, borders, political affiliations and collective notions of being part of a tribe.

Squares to Saturn over the past 3 months have all but deteriorated our ability to make sense of what is happening from a structured, linear perspective. Many of us are struggling to make any sense of what is going on in the world. The question on everyone’s lips seems to be “is any of this real, and was it ever real?”

Through the phenomenal power of this eclipse, we formally cross over to the greater unknown. We subtly, silently inaugurate the induction of new, quantum energy models into our individual mainstream practices. One way or another – almost to spite the heavily righteous squares from Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius, established society is highly pressed to dissolve any notions of ‘normality’ and look at re-integrating its forgotten underclasses, its sick, its poor, its refuge-seekers and homeless, its disempowered and disengaged minorities, those who became ignored and reviled over several generations by the order of the establishment, which once promised to take care of them, yet appears to patently have let them down.

The emotional framework for a new revolution/evolution is being put together across the planet, very much like a neo-cosmic spiritual scaffolding.

It is the femininely-charged pied-pipers; matriarchal medicine healers; shamanic practitioners who come together now to hold a healing space for all the under-trodden and neglected, those used and the abused by the established, male-dominated oligarchy. The world will begin to hear a new voice emerging as the receptive feminine forces sensitively tune in to restore balance to those in need of empowerment. We are gently inducted into a new understanding of the phenomenal Piscean mysteries of this universe, through accessing alternative realms of the imagination we are hosted to enter into a deeper mind/body connection, and by bridging the Virgoan Sun’s skills and tools for understanding one another we aim to address some of the nagging issues around our health and well-being. In this great healing initiation, we begin to fully access the role of our emotions, both within ourselves and between others and seek to come up with practical solutions.

Of course, anything not working for us, chiefly because we have invested too much into an illusion, will have to be divested during this special full moon.

Also aspecting, the alluring love goddess, Venus in Libra is opposing the sudden, jolting Uranus in storming Aries, further reinforcing the feminine energy’s attempts to free herself of forceful individual love and to open herself up to the ability to love and harmonise all of life, indiscriminately. Blessed by a profound new ability to see and accept the value of all things in balance, as unusual, bizarre, surprising as they seem outside the bounds of our usual expectations, we come face to face with a new, much more progressive, non-attached form of love that is being ushered into our relationships now, both between others and with our material world.

After an extended period of alienation for many humans (Saturn square Neptune – Jun-Sep) the lead-up to this remarkable time has created an increasing awareness that we are, after all, living in a strange, exclusionary world where we must be very delicate in how we give and receive affection and attention. We are inspired to come forward and seek love and healing into our deepest emotional wounds, rooted somewhere in a maternal rejection/paternal shame. This requires a lot of courage, and could be quite confronting as the brash ways of the masculine can often be seen as insensitive and out of control against the sensitive nature of Pisces, which often holds things in when it is probably best to disclose and let them process. If relations are to be constructive, our feelings must be acted on, expressed directly and purely. This will allow much self-healing and will help to improve our current situations.

Conversely, if we react negatively to this eclipse, we may take the lower manifestation of this influence, indulging our personal feelings of persecution/alienation, causing us to feel hurt or to inflict wounds upon others in our attempts to protect our ego. The wounded healer archetype lives in each of us, and is likely to be deeply activated by this eclipse. It could, quite as easily turn into the wounded oppressor – triggering the bullied child who’s looking to indiscriminately lash out to emotionally get some back on those who came to abuse him, or just society in general.

ritualUltimately, the message augured now by this Pisces Lunar Eclipse is that true, holistic (mind/body/spirit) healing can only come from an understanding that we may no longer stay dependent upon the nurturance from a world whose measures of love, validation, success and growth are largely conditional on the exterior. If we base our sense of emotional security on prescribed, premeditated and superficial relationship models, ones that aim only to appease our egos by peddling us cheap, perfunctory fixes. We must open our hearts to the spirit light, allowing ourselves to become purified from forced opinions and exterior expectations. Similarly, it is wise not to succumb to a neediness to be understood, but through our self-understanding, be able to release our stories of feeling victimised and wanting to lay blame and hurt upon one another.

Become open to being inspired by the Spiritual Light, learn to act intuitively and with certainty, not to repress those very strong, albeit mysteriously sourced impulses when felt. This Lunar eclipse brings a tremendous opportunity for all of us to bring to light the real and true nature of conflicts and really work through what they have to teach us.

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