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LEO New Moon at 10°♌58′, August 2, 20:45 UTC


Only moments after Mars leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, the intuitive, instinctively creative and rather playful pussycat Leo Moon, joins forces by passing before the Leo Sun, whose proud, self-assertive and magnificently radiant corona creates the most promising, most gloriously spectacular moment of our lunar month.

New Moons generally kick off a brand new personal creative venture for each of us. If the New Moon degree aligns to a personal point or planet, or is in an angular house, this is an important month for you. Since the gentle Luna light is completely absent from our night skies, it leaves us all to ponder our infiniteness in the mystique of the dark and starry night. What new developments may come and what, indeed, is held in store for us in the exciting month ahead?

Leo rules the heart, the body’s central organ, whose calibration to world around us determines just how much we will invest, and how much we will withhold (fixed) of our own integral spirit (fire).

This New Moon’s trine to Saturn (in Sagittarius) helps determine and define just how much we will apply or ignore our fears of being hurt, or caught out, or humiliated in the face of what we stand for – the courage and conviction we will show for those things in which we we believe.


Leo is always matter of integrity, and the Saturn trine is about standing true to what we believe.

Since our beliefs are largely a result of the emotional investment that we place on our ideas, this is a time when we will ask whether we are satisfied with the story we play out for others. Is it our our story, or a role we have been selected, trained, programmed or ordained to play?

Are we living a life of authenticity – one that is generated from our heart centre, or is this the time where we begin to unfold our own unique myth?

We are now challenged to demonstrate our passion for those concepts that we may adopt as uniquely ours. In the greater scheme of things, the only thing we may regret now is that we are not living our life boldly enough, that we do not invest enough of our heart, not loving enough.

Nothing else really counts at all.

Leo is ruled by the Sun – the star that is central to our Solar system. Stars, by nature, are creative power sources. Exuding their warm, loving glow, illuminating us with light, they are magnetic and their electrifying presence infuses animation and life into all those who gravitate to orbit around them. To express yourself in Leo mode means to be in love with life, to embellish the beauty and joy in all of those around you with your warm, gregarious heart, to dance with them, make music with them, engage in a little drama and a little poetry and song with all that circles around.

Life is an ensemble with Leo, whose conscious, proud, confident, generous, magnificently regal ‘champion of the people’ (the benevolent king/queen), understands that whilst they are the centre of creation, their experience is not necessarily only about them. In giving light and love, they honour that everyone around them is capable of expressing their own star power, acting as co-creators.

The lower frequency of Leo, whose self-conscious, personally ambitious, snobbish, vain, excessively needy and domineering ways generally result in the largely unsavoury dictatorial tyrant who feels threatened by the power and sovereignty of others. It is these who are most likely to become humanised – humbled and humiliated by a quincunx to Neptune, a spiritualising force which seeks to defray, undermine and debilitate those humbugs who insist on acting out of hubris rather than from love and kindness.

This year, we see a different, more evolved Leo emerging on this auspicious New Moon. It is one whose resolve is to stand firm, to stand certain and determined that when practising a mindful, wilfully meditative approach (one might even say a ‘proud sense of humility’), they also stand to accomplish much more for their kind than if they would force their rigid will upon others belligerently, or unyielding, inflexible ways.

One thing is certain – those who aspire to shine brightest among us during this time will set their firm intention that they will uphold and maintain their integrity – not as a need or desire to receive love and admiration from others. Those who aspire to attain true sovereignty will not seek to be respected by those who love them, but to how well they can demonstrate that they can shine without them.

How does your own Leo light shine, in which area of life do you seek sovereignty, and what is your Intention for this Leo New Moon? 

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  1. Thank you Ang! Considering New Moon and what you share is my most beneficial ritual and I so appreciate it. xo

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