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NEW MOON in CANCER at 12°♋54′, Monday July 04, 11:02 UTC

[No More Rain, by Noir Limite]
[No More Rain, by Noir Limite]

How’s your sense of security?

What actually defines that? Is it your lovely home, with all its comforts and its spoils, its white picket fences that keep all the goodness in and all the baddies out – that place where you come to retreat each night from the cold, abrasive unfeelingness of the universal elements without?

Or does your sense of security spawn from an unconscious assurance that those things that put your mind at ease yesterday will also be there for you tomorrow, just the way you like them?

Your family, your parents, grandparents, children – those people that you grew to love and care about, who were there to nourish and support you, come rain, hail or shine – that loved you anyway, in sickness, health, victory or defeat..?

Or does your security come from your allegiance to you culture? That set of customs, or familiar ways in which your society (language, arts, beliefs, social norms) formed a community that fostered a sense of belonging – a sense that (as long as you were in their circle) would protect you against the threat of external pressures and invasions from hostile and uncaring ‘outsiders’.

What is it that blesses you with a knowing that you will be safe from threat or danger, that what you’ve grown to love and hold will not be cruelly taken away from you?


Cancer is a Water sign, so it is operates largely through the world of feelings. And it is a Cardinal so it needs to initiate feelings. Since feelings are really only accessible to us in the moment, it is Cancer’s domain to generate a sense of well-being (or absence of that) in the present.

There are two ways in which to achieve this:

  1. By counting on (remembering) those things that have assuredly brought us feelings of comfort and well-being in the past, making sure that they are ever-present and available to us to fall back on, at call. (Dependency on props and persons from the external environment to make us feel warm, fuzzy and safe)
  2. By generating new ways to make us feel safe, using our powers of attentiveness to this moment, exercising our powers of creativity to summon all available resources and working cleverly to bring them together to form a co-operative unit (organism, family, tribe, community, culture, etc.) that creates a shield of protection in present time. (Depending on an inner resourcefulness to summon support through generating qualities of kindness, caring and emotional warmth upon our environment).

Chances are we do a little bit of both.

Most probably though, as civilisation purports some expertise in managing its exterior domestic affairs, collective economies and tribal security forces, we have been tending more towards employing the first way. And we have devised a system that will look after its members as exclusively as a loving mother treats her own children.

The first way is highly dependent on things from the past to be there today (and tomorrow). The more we cling to those things for security, the more we lose touch with how to practice the second, more constructive and responsively co-operative way.

In fact, we may have become so complacent with making an inner effort that many of us have lost touch with our natural abilities and skills to create a suitable habitat for ourselves and our ‘kind’, many of us becoming patently inept at generating our a self-sustaining security in the present. Some ‘home improvement’ and ‘cooking’ programs have been very popular of late, especially on network TV, but it is questionable whether these are at all informative or just satisfying our entertainment needs.

We are also observing that the resources necessary to maintain the first (externally dependent) mode of emotional well-being and survival are being stretched now (with world pop. >7.2 billion). Resources like space, freedom to relocate, food supplies and other economic concerns are dwindling or being whittled away by climate change, famine, war, lack of education and other socio-economic limitations.

On the whole, today’s world is developing a growing insecurity about these things, and as we become more desperate and divisive, we tend more towards the inequities of greed and paranoia, as hoarding and building bigger fences (and armies) to defend these starts to create massive imbalances. These are the downsides of Cancer in the first mode.


CANCER NMNew Moons are a klaxon call for a fresh start – a reset point. In Cancer, the focus is to set a new intention on how we will secure our personal interests for the year ahead. Whether we do this consciously our it is something that nags us more in the unconscious, may will see that they are either bolstering their existing resources, or, as this time is really asking, to start looking at new, more sustainable ways.


In many ways, that need to find emotional security, acceptance, to feel loved and supported by someone – anything – now seems impossibly out of reach. The forces of fear and judgement grind upon our deep, unconsciously voracious desire for absolute control of our habitat.

But we don’t see that.

We just feel a tremendous emptiness… a monstrous void within that needs to be filled from those in our environment somehow. This, and a growing morbid fear of abandonment creates a sense of clinging, a clutching to things that we feel will promise us a safer tomorrow.

Something is shifting here – a strange paradox is forming where we fear that those familiar things in which we invested to one day satisfy our fundamental needs for emotional well-being might, in truth, just never come to satisfy our hearts from feelings insecurity.

Is it because, after all, we only wanted them for the most selfish, most banal reasons? Did we really want them at all? Or were they pressed upon us simply because we are subscribed to a particular culture? A culture that promotes that if we conform to a certain system, vote for a particular government, believe in a certain god, purchase a certain product, package, etc. that we would be sure to find comfort, peace, nirvana..

Then what about all the things we have already? Do they still hold the same meaning as before? Are they able to satisfy? Or are we waiting to enjoy them in another time, a different dimension?

It is time to assess these things a little more realistically (if you dare), question whether, in truth, we have simply become expertly condition to be dissatisfied with anything you may already have and develop a debilitating dependency on our exterior world to provide comfort, security and support.

Many, who are facing the disillusioning effects of the Neptune square to this Saturn (June-September) are really falling into a state of despair that these intricate support systems provided to us by our society and culture are being eroded or are simply wearing us down.

So then, it’s possible to assert that much of this “depression” we are feeling actually comes from a bitter discontent with what is there as a basis for our security – a mere result of our inability as individuals and as a society to work with what is actually there. Simultaneously we may be delusively, or idealistically looking to find security in places where we we are not willing (or even capable) of doing the work necessary to create sustainable solutions.


The aspect brings some light of inspiration. Neptune is the dream we hold most sacred in our hearts. In Pisces it wants to return us to the Great Oneness, a multidimensional realm of infinite possibilities for us to live together as one.

However, it must be made clear that this is different to OUR dream, which may be skewed with our own version of reality, highly personalised and does not include the dream of others – those we know and all those who came before, as well as those still yet to come, as well as the dream of nature and all existence, both in this experience and every other infinite variation and parallel possibility. This is a very subtle, intricately complex, yet paradoxically most simple too.

By tuning into the higher frequency of inspiration – a mode of operation that comes from exercising the spirit of compassion, kindness, unconditional understanding and acceptance of everyone and everything as a helper to creating a dream; a world that rises above fear, judgement and separation; acting without any preconceived expectations; without unrealistic demands or deceptive means (towards self or others); without the tendency to escape or to deny your responsibility to work with those around you as a co-creator of a grand dream.

What grand dream?

It is the dream that you have held within you from the dawn of time. It is the dream to tune into the subtle voice within and to align with a higher consciousness that holds a love and nurturance for all of humanity, to relinquish all boundaries and borders that are based on fear and insecurity and to find it in our hearts to forgive ourselves and others, even though they may not yet have it in their hearts  to forgive us. It is the christed consciousness that blesses this new moon with a way through this difficult passage out of the increasingly tough constructs of the lower, increasingly embattled world of hatred and division.


We must protect ourselves from within from the invasive, oppressive forces of darkness, control and manipulation. This is best done by stepping up to our responsibility to consciously withstand and fend off any repressive and highly conditional co-dependencies and toxic relationships with people, places or substances.

We must cease any infatuation with perpetuating dramatic power struggles among others, bitching, gossiping, devising ways to outdo or destroy those we deem as better or worse, weaker or stronger, richer or poorer, smarter or dumber than us. Those terms only incite jealousy, contempt, abandonment, terror, spite, abuse, vitriolic hatred and grudges which we are ruthlessly prepared to take to the grave (and beyond, by inflicting our will and testament).

Either these deeply subconscious forces will possess us, overcome our will to stay in our own sense of certainty and seniority about whatever we must do to survive as a collective ‘kind’, or they will threaten to destroy our true sense of sovereignty and jurisdiction over our physical domain (earth).

This New Moon puts us squarely in the position where we are pressed to express our inner sense of security. It will not be an easy plight. To those who understand the energies described above, this is not seen as any obligation. This can only be seen as a long awaited opportunity to step up to our individual responsibility as spiritual beings, undergoing an evolutionary passage through this mortal world. 

[Protection by Daria Endresen]

So here.
In this present moment,
where the Moon kisses the Sun:

Our task to is to fuse together the reflective flow of energy and information from the subconscious(☽) to the conscious(☉), INITIATING an emotional process that will help us to impress meaning and order in our personal world. The unification between activity (☉) and reactivity (☽), between business (☉) and pleasure (☽), and objective (☉) and subjective (☽).

Witness the intent of your will become aligned with your instincts. Observe your efforts to generate a new sense of security and comfort, and all the factors that affect this.

By becoming aware of each and every emotion as it arises, accepting it as yours, you can see its value and thus allow it to become integrated into your conscious reality.

This is about your instinctive sense of trust that you (and your kind) will be ok in the face of all that is acting upon you now.

How will you fare through this?

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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  1. Beautiful insight, Ang. Thank you. As a Cancer Sun, I learned something a bit more deeply about how I (can) live. Being in the 12th, I’ve never quite managed to put this into words: “And it is a Cardinal so it needs to initiate feelings. Since feelings are really only accessible to us in the moment, it is Cancer’s domain to generate a sense of well-being (or absence of that) in the present.”

    This helps me bring that ability to consciousness, and responsibly.

  2. Agh. Way to hit every major point of thought I’ve had for these past few days in one fell swoop.

    It’s hard to delineate where my personal balance of action resides in regards to finding comfort in old or new ways.
    Lately, I’ve felt like I need space from people (friends included). There’s no feeling of depression or the like, but this kind of knowing that I am always a distant observer.
    I’m beginning to recognize that this might look to others as if my heart were closed, empty.
    I feel that it’s in many ways the opposite.
    I do not shelter myself to get away from my feelings. I feel overloaded, overstimulated, and empathetic to a point that gets quite uncomfortable around others at the moment. This has been happening for a few weeks now.
    My household enjoys maintaining a comfortable, communicative environment with one another. At times I feel that my tendency as of late to detach so thoroughly may be hurting that environment. I love my roommates/Framily, but sometimes I want to support my Self with my own space and not have to reckon with the frequencies of others thoughts/emotions.

    I’ve been told I need to get “grounded.”

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