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Mercury square Pluto

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Tension and strain arises when anyone gets too close or comes probing into our precious, personal areas, especially during unguarded moments of intimacy, causing us to become extremely concerned about how all of this may come to affect our social standing and reputation.

Isn’t anything sacred any more?

Yet the depth and degree of perspicacity that is evident in many now – that lightning-quick, x-ray mind – intuitively cuts right through the drama and rapidly gets to the heart of the matter.

It penetrates in brash, irreverent ways, incapable of understanding all this fuss about ‘respect’. However, treading insensitively over others’ vulnerabilities – exposing their innermost secrets to the world creates such awful conflict now. Episodes of resentment occur, and TRUST, once violated, seems difficult to redeem without invoking tighter controls.

This only loads the ammunition for some thermo-nuclear explosions later.

If you find yourself getting all touchy, preferring not to talk about or handle material that you wish best not be revealed, ask yourself how you invite all this unto yourself, especially by your own unconscious meddling behaviour into the business of others.

We all do it, in order to survive.

Yet we are living in an age where even the slightest inconsistency, the tiniest hint of hypocrisy or blustery cover-ups become mere provocations to scrutiny for what is driving such an extremely determined mentality.

Hidden ambitiousness is not a pretty thing, especially in these radical days. Not only is it regarded with suspicion, its true motive is not easily understood, let alone accepted.

These are interesting days for the ego on planet earth, that for sure.
Are its days truly numbered?


Originally published 31st March, 2016


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