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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18°57′ Pisces, March 9 2016, 1:54am UTC

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It is eclipse time.

As with every New Moon, it is an augury of a new beginning. Yet with eclipses, there is something far more profound and potent about the new terrain in which we are about to enter. The increasing intensity of its effect would have been either consciously building towards a certain new direction for weeks in the lead up (some might argue months), or it may just come as an unexpected tap on the shoulder that just blasts you out of your blissful ignorance by shedding an inordinate amount of light intensity, and in one big hit tell you that your life was now going this way.

Either way – it’s like the arrival of a new baby – when it comes, you know it isn’t fleeting – it’s here to stay. You get the feeling that whatever is happening now is monumentally life-altering, and promises to shift your experience in such an irrevocable way that, even if you tried, you could never quite go back to how things used to be.

Something enters our consciousness during these eclipses that projects out into our external experience, shifting it all onto the next level. In any event, we are somehow forced to see the blinding light of the Sun (regardless how long we may try hold our hand over our eyes to obscure it).

Not only this, but with every Solar eclipse comes its accompanying Lunar Eclipse (two weeks later) serving as a grim, personal reminder that we are transitioning and so must face the obligatory emotional ending – the letting go, or release of any sentimental ties we might have held to a past, inner security crutch.

PISCES ECLIPSEThis Solar eclipse at 18°57′ Pisces is particularly intense not only because this is a Total eclipse, or because its ruler Neptune is also transiting this sign, but because it creates a T-square to planets like Jupiter and Saturn. It is also conjunct Chiron, and its tight proximity to the South Node suggest that it will affect the collective in what would feel like a deeply karmic/fated way.

The usual effects of a Piscean eclipse seem gentle and subdued, shrouding the consciousness of many uninitiated folks with a hazy, fuzzy state of chaotic aimlessness and feeling of drifting. Last year’s March 20, 29°Pisces eclipse, saw the majority of people get an introduction into a haphazard world where order and structure seemed less possible to gain a hold – a universe where, through dreams, fantasies, psychic or spiritual means they began to plunge into a wonderful state of mystical and spiritual experiences. Many delved deeply into either escape/awakenings through psychedelic drug use and other transformational methods due to Pluto’s influence in the third decan of Pisces.

This year, they may feel pressured to leave the harsh pressures of their existential lives using whatever means they can employ, and the Moon’s influence in the second decan only accentuates the high degree of emotionalism and sentimentality in how we usher this highly maudlin new phase into our lives.

In the escalating lead-up to this eclipse, we might have observed just how much news and activity there has been around the increased hypersensitivity between us, launching the world into either a frenzied state of paranoia ad sadness or, on a higher level, sending us into journeys of greater spiritual growth. Movements and rallies (some might even say ‘cults’) have been forming to promise a fix by providing a more cohesively unified world in which we would all ideally like to inhabit. Making it a reality is another matter entirely though.

Whilst there appear to be choices (or at least warnings), keeping it real seems like it’s going to take a lot of work.

The conjunction to Chiron (and Ceres)

chironThe tight conjunction to planetoid Chiron is highly significant here, since Chiron is essentially a transmitter of insights between ordinary and extra-terrestrial worlds, acting more as a shamanic master of ceremonies who serves to initiate us through a rite of passage, as if he’s ferrying us from one side of the river to another.

Chiron, himself an extraordinarily tortured creature – a grotesquely disfigured sod whose own self-reproach, blended with abandonment issues and the curse of being ravaged by a painfully incurable malady, seeks a particularly sophisticated kind of remedy for himself through Pisces. He realises that only by the absolving all unfairly imposed incriminations and social stigmas – only through unconditional forgiveness and acceptance of his emotional weaknesses and tender vulnerabilities can he overcome the shame of being intrisically a sensitive soul, and seeks to remedy the lifetime pain of feeling discriminated, victimised and misunderstood. Only by feeling an acceptance for being an empath can he ever hope to do the difficult work of helping other sensitive souls to become re-empowered themselves.

The eclipsed Chiron promises to guide us across the bridge that will take us to a new world of redemption and kindness. To many of us, this sounds like a strange, delusional world indeed. With an opposition to Jupiter in Virgo, this eclipse is up against a cynical, clinical world that makes no academic sense of these absurdly abstract alternative concepts.

However, through the monumental power of this eclipse, we formally cross over to the great unknown. We silently inaugurate the introduction of quantum energy models into the mainstream practice. One way or another, almost in spite of the heavily censorial square to Saturn in Sagittarius, established society is pressed begin to integrate its forgotten underclass, its sick, its poor, its refuge-seekers and homeless, its disempowered and disengaged, those who became ignored and reviled by the establishment that promised to take care of them. Through its clever pied pipers and magic faith healers, the undertrodden and neglected – the used and the abused discover their voice and start to reclaim their sense of empowerment. By being inducted into the phenomenal mysteries of this universe, they into a deeper mind/body connection, using them to access the role of our emotions, both in illness and in healing.

After an extended alienation period for many humans leading up to this remarkable time – caused largely by an increasing awareness that we are, after all, living in a strange, exclusionary world, we are inspired to come forward and seek care and healing into those deep, emotional wounds rooted deeply in maternal rejection/paternal shame. This takes a lot of courage, and the secretive nature of Pisces often holds things when it’s best to disclose them.

Conversely, if we react negatively to this eclipse, we may take the lower manifestation of this influence and indulge our personal feelings of persecution to inflict wounds upon others just to make ourselves feel better. The wounded healer archetype lives in each of us, and is now deeply activated by this eclipse. It could, quite as easily turn into the wounded oppressor – the bullied child who’s looking to get some back on those who came to abuse him, or just society in general.

Activation of the Jupiter/Saturn/Chiron T-square

With this powerful dynamic syndrome becoming triggered by this eclipse, we suddenly see how our preconditioned notions of ‘reality’, and our assumed role in it make us either complicit or dismissive to those whose pain we can relate but do not quite understand.

This conveniently creates only an ‘outsider’ cast in our society. The subtle healing influence of this eclipse infuses us with a remarkable capacity to understand the subtle power and spiritual energetics of expressing/withholding compassion. In embracing our ability to experience a spiritual awakening, we also come to understand the deeper self. Through this process we find keys that can be shared with others for healing. However, these same keys, when withheld can easily become the instruments of tyranny.

Chiron has much to do with kairos, a greek word for time which denotes the propitious moment for decision or action. Saturn has more to do with chronos, the greek word for linear or measured time or living in accordance to a structured plan. Jupiter has to do with eukairos, the greek word for a convenient time, opportunity, or basing our directions or goals around our expectations of worldly success. With the T-square, activated here by this Pisces eclipse, we come to understand the relative nature of time and how things come to us in a cosmically synchronous rather than carefully contrived ways.

By journeying deeper within, we are invited to open the channels for releasing all the pain of our emotional attachment to shame, guilt and fear of abandonment. Deep, spiritual exploration initiates the process of soul-retrieval, either through guided shamanic work or through the individual’s determined meditative practices of self-compassion and forgiveness of past wounds. Many opportunities exist now to work within the mystical/spiritual realms to unlock personal injuries and start living a life that is truly liberated from the limited constraints and the disappointing promises of the exterior world.

Coupled with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Mar 23, the message augured now by this Pisces Solar Eclipse is that true, holistic (mind/body/spirit) healing can only come from an understanding that we can no longer stay dependent upon a world whose measures of success and growth are largely based on prescribed, premeditated and superficial models that aim only to appease our souls by peddling us cheap, perfunctory props. Consumer-marketed, one-size-fits-all, smoke and mirror solutions, provided in neat, ‘open-up-and-say-ahh’ packages are not actually sustainable answers to our deep, transgenerational psychic wounds.

This eclipse, sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, shines a powerful healing light into the deeply buried shadows of our repressed power, aiming to resolve or further suppress that our full soul redemption is only truly possible when we make a conscious journey to restore our full spirit through focused or guided meditation. A complete spiritual transformation is set to occur now, and though it may not be easy, we have the choice whether to find new, extraordinary means of recollecting ourselves back into a whole and centred presence of being or to whether to continue swinging violently towards reactionary extremes and blaming the outer world for our deepest psychological torments and ills.

Until we come to accept that very little of what is happening in this world actually has anything to do with us we cannot become healed.

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Therefore, we see a massive shift occurring now, one that excites this world to take a greater risk than ever. A movement against giving our power away to a system that fails to care about our spiritual well-being. Conventional authorities do not deliver us true healing – therapies and counsellors – traditional medical practitioners, organised religions and churches, ivy league universities and fraternities of thought and education, courts of law and legal institutions, polished politicians and ministers, marketing gurus and snake-oil merchants are all at a crisis point today because they sense that there is much more to learn about the ailing human condition. They are wilfully denying the healing power of the individual spirit.

They deny anything that they can not physically measure or quantify.

Dissent from all those account holders and opportunists of the old establishment that have turned our health matters into a profitable business and in the proceeds made us so desperately dependent on promises of treatment, but in the end are not providing sustainable answers. It seems the human health care system has delivered nothing but a largely unaffordable cure, or else some cheap and nasty, temporary painkiller. This is the major theme of this eclipse.

Pisces is the natural antithesis of clinical care and and organisation. It sees right through those antiseptic attempts and knows that cleaning the surface alone may stop infection from the exterior, but it won’t heal what’s under the deeply scarred skin. It knows that ultimately all true, effective healing must come from within.

And so, exploding across the world now is a new, freedom-loving gypsy spirit, a citizen of the world who is of no definable place, who sees and understands beyond boundaries, whose true healing power lies in their ability to see beyond the surface issues. The free spirit of Pisces knows that all pain actually emanates from our denial or our incapacity to go deep into ourselves and to release any attachments that we do not need to hold. Attachments that we continually fight to defend, become hurt, then suffer. These are the instruments that the rational world uses to lure us into an incessant need for remedy and cure, just so it can provide us with its marketable fix (now available online).

This is not healing. This is the harvest of human misery.

A kind of judgement day has arrived. It seems that the prescribed medicine that society is offering us is nor delivering the goods. It is not healing. It is making us dependent on pain. It is not liberating our spirit. It is repressing it.

No wonder so many people, in all walks – especially patriarchal males – are now so ‘clinically’ depressed. They understand that any of their attempts to dominate and fix the world have failed us all miserably. And typically, they turn to hostile squabbling and war as the answer. Or they turn into themselves.

This Pisces eclipse serves to enlighten us about this well-being business and introduce the world to an alternative – the truest medication there ever was. The re-embodiment to our spirit through art, music, energy healing, meditation and prayer.

How are you exercising compassion and forgiveness in your world?

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