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FULL MOON in Libra – Horoscopes

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The Aries Sun (masculine principle) does this with all conviction, his sense of urgency and an absolute disregard for any upset or consequence is somewhat bewildering. Ultimately he will move alone, even if he has been irrepressibly ‘persuasive’ in his jolt to get us moving. In fact, Aries prefers to go down the lone trail, for he knows nobody else can keep up with his formidable pace and the violent force of conviction towards his single pointed objective.

If the Aries Sun wants to boldly forge a new path, and happy to go it alone, the Libra Moon needs to feel loved, respected and considered before anything goes, and does not really appreciate being left out of any initiative. Mostly because Libra dislikes doing anything alone.

Libra’s whole schtick is reaching equal placing by levering the partnership. When the Moon is in this sign, she seeks to manipulate the scales of justice through emotional appeal within the co-dependent matrix. She seeks nothing more than love and affection. She is masterfully sociable and instinctively obliging, but her tendency toward self-indulgence, complacency and tendency to focus on trivial things presents the ultimate challenge for our Aries Sun, whose storming nature has no time for stalling upon such trifling matters as love and fairness, and the contemplating ifs are wherefores of sidetracks and what-nots. He just wants to go, now!

So herein lies the essence of this full moon – usually the harbinger to put an end some internal, personal matter. Me alone vs me and you.

The call is strong. It is a wake-up call, in a way. It is simply saying that it’s time to end any complacency, any dependency on comforts and niceties, any preoccupation with trivial pursuits and political correctness, as well as any co-dependency issues we have with others, particularly with those we identify as our ‘significant other’, issues that stem from an unhealthy need to feel loved and constantly reassured, supported and validated by others.

The eclipse by the earth in this Full Moon alignment suggest that in some ways the ego stands in the way of any confrontations between the inner need for dependency and the outer urge to move alone.

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