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LILITH on the PLUTO/URANUS midpoint

[picture: Amelie Satzger]
[picture: Amelie Satzger]

Something quite intense is happening now, just to spank up that collective shift of consciousness. I’m sure you can sense it, though it may just take some digging and courage to bring things up to light.

It concerns those disowned elements of our own shadowy nature, elements of which we are somewhat aware but possibly pressing hard to keep concealed. Elements which are somehow pressing hard to be spectacularly exposed. This quite suppressed energetic now builds over the next few days, climaxing around Jan 22-23, when the Cancer Moon forms a Cardinal Cross to the key players in this dynamic. If we are not careful, it comes to strike us like a rude, very awakening ‘slap across the face’.

Our ‘shadow-self’ conceals a darker side to our nature, hidden aspects of ourselves which we have repressed or suppressed –  anything from difficult emotions to sexuality, to desires, to potential strengths. We know these traits are within us, but we just do not want to acknowledge them ourselves, and we prefer others not to see them either. We become convinced that if these traits were ever to be revealed that some might determine that we were a “bad person”. So whilst we tend to keep these aspects tightly under wraps, we unwittingly project them onto others in our lives (like our friends or family), where they play out in our exterior world, at times returning upon us with a sabotaging effect.

What is happening now, with Lilith in Libra, square Pluto, opposing Uranus (T-Square), is that these shady elements become intensified to the point where they become serious matters. Matters soon mark themselves by turning into conflicting events. After a period of increased projection (via gossip, meddling into others’ business, avoidance of our own responsibilities, dependence on others, procrastination) an unpleasant whiff of odour is slowly starting to leak out. There are all sorts of suspicions and apprehension about who is putting out the stink and how this may be happening. All the discomfort and growing annoyance urges all involved into deeper probing, forcing these matters to become ever more uncomfortable. If these are not dealt with openly, any avoidance or attempt to bury them deeper may cause them to become transfigured into grotesque aberrations which could possibly create further complications.

Lilith CrossThis Cardinal T-square sees a very intense build-up around any hidden qualities that must be addressed. By the time the Cancer Moon activates this very tense harmonic syndrome (Jan 22-23), these stewing underlying themes will ready to come up and be dealt with. 

These issues could be complicated and indeed show up as symptoms of matters that have been clawing at you slowly over the past 2-3 years (since recalcitrant Uranus first decided to blow the hideously controlling Pluto out of the woodwork and out into the open).

With retrograde Mercury also involved (conjunction to Pluto), the energy field in communications  is focused tightly into a thrillingly penetrating psychological drill. It stands to build into emotional arguments, concentrated around deeply personal, domestic habits. It seems now that our tendencies to evade; act indirectly; be reticent to get involved; act in underhanded or people-pleasing ways where we in fact must be much more direct; or interfere in other people’s business by middling around rather than focusing on our own path; will become challenged. 

If we continue to suppress or deny these issues they will close in on us from the exterior world and may erupt into full-scale thermonuclear furore. With the final outcome longing to be resolved, a major life-lesson lies here. A real consciousness-shifting turning point, as it were. Bringing those disowned elements of our own nature into the fray, addressing them under all this intensely sustained pressure and the brazen audacity brought forward by the events and characters in our lives at this moment, we have this golden opportunity to bring any unconscious or self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour into the light of day where they can no longer undermine our best endeavours. In facing up to what we tend to avoid and often project onto others, we are afforded the opportunity to proceed forward on our own life’s journey without succumbing to distractions or interferences which only diminish our true intent. Learning to be more asserting, focusing on present matters with strength, passion, insight and conviction, we learn to build bridges to our success rather than destroy them in our wake.

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Where is your Lilith? What are some characteristics of your manner that you know exist but tend to evade dealing with?
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  1. This is an awesome article, exactly what I have been feeling, losing sleep, physical pain, anxiety I haven’t
    felt in a very long time. Thank you kindly for this article Kat

  2. This is really becoming clear to me now. Thank you

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