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Uranus goes Direct at 20°♈33′ – December 29, 2016

Uranus in Aries has been in Retrograde (Rx) since July 29 2016.  The effects of retrogradation upon any planet creates a personalised, internalised and subjective effect on its energy.

On DECEMBER 29 2016, Uranus stations, then turns direct. What does this mean for our closely held, self-righteous ideals about freedom and liberty?

Uranus energy is the obstinate urge to resist convention and do things in our own unique way. Why do we feel this way? What creates this irrepressible desire to break free from the standard and accepted mode of conduct and entertain something different? The answer lies high above our cerebral cortex and connects (wirelessly) throughout our entire nervous system. The matter is electrical, and in an instant our brain is suddenly zapped with an idea that seems to rise from another dimension – the source seems alien because it strikes us as coming from a place beyond that with which we are familiar. Like a lightning bolt along the horizon on a moonless night, we are suddenly illuminated with an insight into what lies beyond our standard old way, and we cannot resist becoming excited about embracing a brand new way, perhaps sharing it with others.

When Uranus’ energy turns retrograde this urge to pursue a genuinely different direction becomes internalised. Like a mad professor who locks himself away in his lab to experiment on some new invention, or the revolutionary who drafts his wild manifesto, or the meditator who channels profound new insights towards a more progressive way of being, this energy is held within, pulsing and re-pulsing through one’s entire nervous system, producing a clear analytical formula for a  ‘provocative new truth’, to be revealed when the planet finally goes into direct motion.

In this way Uranus Rx affects us all. We may sense that we have seen a glimpse of something new, evocative and wild in these past few months. Maybe it has spurred us into a frenzy of mental activity to contemplate a new approach in our lives, or perhaps in the lives of those around us.

Or maybe we have shown our rebelliousness by solemnly resisting change.

Interestingly, our more conservative side, the one that dislikes any deviation from a tried and trusted routine, is also subjected to this internalising effect. Here we may sense an uncomfortable awareness of the rebelliousness in others. We experience these as rude, crude or unsettling and with Uranus in Aries, this energy socialises itself via the guise of radical reformists, counter-culture zealots, dreamy enthusiasts and futuristic utopians. Do you know somebody like that? Have they appeared to be in stony hibernation for these past five months?  they will soon emerge (are you one of these?).

Of course, if our viewpoint is too stodgy or super-straight-laced we may have felt an enormous irritability against anything unusual during this retrograde period. Alarm bells would have been ringing that our precious ordered structure may be about to face some pesky threat. In this case we may become cleverly charged with preparing our own counter-resistance against any suspected attacks. Or perhaps we have come to admit that our old method is no longer sustainable and have declared we will fold, retire, withdraw. Such drastic action might come as a shock to many but whether we are planning a surprise counter-defense or a sudden resignation, this is also the energy of Uranus Rx at work. Do you know some individual, group or company that fits this description? (It it you?).

So, what’s going to happen when all this comes to a grinding halt in a couple of days and Uranus goes direct?

You guessed it. …. Kaboom! I mean, when one becomes intuitively excited or unnerved about some notion of change, and one stews and bubbles and writhes with this idea for some months, when one repeatedly hones their argument to a such point where it becomes nothing less than a live wire of irrepressible electrical force, then look out!

Uranus has the tendency to rally individuals into groups of like minded minions (whether for or against disruption) and supportive towards a common visionary movement. These movements may emerge as ideological as in the form of  protests, strikes, innovation breakthroughs, industrial reforms, political upsets etc.,  or in the notable absence of a conscious resistance the movement may manifest as a seemingly random act of nature (or man) where a sudden quake or calamity in a place where people have not been able to generate change for themselves comes to rally people together in response to a grave disruption of the old way.

One thing looks certain. This next few months are set to pack an astonishing punch not yet seen in our lifetime. Although the full effect of the changes will not be seen for another 2-3 years (after the Uranus/Pluto squares) we will surely know through these next few months what might drive this change. What exactly are we talking about? I think you know… Nobody reading this article can possibly think things are fine and rosy in this world. Everyone can sense that things just cannot stand the way they are. No matter how much pressure is applied, eventually nobody will be able to hold back the growing tide of wild reformists whose horns are blowing increasingly louder and louder by the minute.

Whether it is governments, corporations, right-wing nations, fuel & power companies, banks, religious groups, cults, secret societies, billionaires and media magnates, there is a growing cacophony of dissent about those who try to suppress, deny or enslave  the very individual freedom so blindly and obstinately pursued by Uranus in Aries. Does this mean revolution? Maybe, but not necessarily a bloody war.  Certainly there is going to be enough rebellion to force a shift towards something that caters to the new human ability to make a stand for individual rights, for every individual living being on this planet, as we begin to intuitively understand that we deserve to award this fundamental right to one another.

Direct Uranus energy is expressed through many of us during the several bouts of cardinal aspects from now till Aug 8 2017, when Uranus travels between 20 and 24 degrees Aries. Stay tuned here to hear more of those as they happen through the next 7 months.

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  1. Uranus went D @ 16˚33′ Aries…on my Mercury 16˚37’…………..I lay in bed for several hours with electrical shocks up & down my body, preventing falling asleep. It was a physical manifestation unrelated to any event or emotion currently in my life……….11rh H……………..
    ( Christmas Day was a gift………………….perk of old age……….no obligations or traditions I had to indulge in, just chinese food from the freezer , sitting in the rare warm sun……receiving calls from Friends & family……

  2. Thank you
    I knew there was much energy in the moon December 25&26th

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